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Donald Tusk, flippers extended, once again warns the United Kingdom that if they leave the EU they will lose access to not just the Thrawn Trilogy but also Jedi Academy, the entire Yuzhaan Vong saga, and even Han Solo at Star's End.

"It would be, in fact, an economic death sentence in twelve systems."

The Royal Palace at Thneed could not be reached for comment, although we understand the Onceler has been seen conferring with both Bosses Nass and Hogg.

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if there's one thing I'm proud of it's that I've concocted a world with enough complexity that interesting choices emerge from circumstance. I didn't know the party was going to go back to whitebridge, but i knew what was going to happen in their absence, so when they *did* go back and found it occupied by hordes of mutated goblins it presented a moral dilemma that will take multiple sessions to resolve. It's the kind of payoff you hope for when worldbuilding.

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Just learned about Single Onion Services which basically reduce the number of hops from 6 to 3 and thus speed up connecting to a TOR Hidden service when anonymity of the server provider is not important: blog.torproject.org/whats-new-

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In what dimension am I?

A girl asked if she could come over so that I... install Linux on her laptop.


moonshine(plumBrandy, sugar, sourCherries): vişinată

On the night train, it's so old and worn, it's great. Budapest-->Bucharest. 13 hours. 🚞

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So, , anyone here have a too? I'm loving the "it's just a text file" approach to things.

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the ancient romans are best known for the invention of the forum, a place where citizens could go to discuss and argue about topics of interest. modern scholars hotly debate whether the original forum was phpbb or vbulletin

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to quote the original thread:
"Non-magic users: collect crystals, call their pet a familiar, draw pentagrams

Magic users:the most magical things I keep in my house are rocks, and I keep a hammer next to them in case they act up."
- @ TooMany_Monkeys @ birdsite, replying to @ gildedragon @ birdsite.

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We’re launching support for elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). Now your encrypted mailbox can benefit from faster and more advanced encryption. Learn the benefits of this new encryption method and how to upgrade your email addresses. protonmail.com/blog/elliptic-c

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#ICANN is proposing allowing unlimited fee increases for .org domain names, which currently are allowed to increase a maximum of 10% annually at icann.org/public-comments/org-

Until April 29 you can send a comment to express your disagreement.

If you wonder why this is relevant, consider that many non-profit organizations around the world might be forced to change their domain by simply raising the price enough.

Don't forget that in some places people strive to gain 10$ in a month.

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$ launchctl --help
Unknown argument: '--'
Unknown argument: '-h'
Unknown argument: '-e'
Unknown argument: '-l'
Unknown argument: '-p'


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Imagine people in the future digging up one of youtube's servers.

Think they'll think we serve a deity called "Likesher Ansubscribe"?

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