I fantasize a work space where occasional sex between employees is mandatory.

Not because I exercise the option so often but because I like the options.

I'm not a good CEO of me.

If I'm a corporation I would be a poor version of Xerox PARC, pursuing too many things without focus.

Despite what I claim externally, I really care about what people think of me.

Otherwise I woulda been so much more open with my main Twitter account to the point of verbal constipation.

Spreading my news reading from the morning to the rest of the day is working well. But somehow I think this has been attempted before. There must be a good reason why it was done in the morning.

They are out to get you, don't take this personally.

It's astonishing how much validation seeking are targeted towards secondary schoolmates.

Mosquitoes from deep in the woods are especially damaging.

Science fiction seems to be the easiest vehicle to mime desires out of.

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I have grown to think small. That might even be a good thing.

But I've lost the will and muscle to think big.

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A compelling vision of the future is often full of shit.

But it's also necessary for moving things forward.

Don't forget there is excess of cash to invest.

Screen is so big, the wall of text is overwhelming.

OK I took meta-ness too far and lost all connections.

An easy answer though, is I need to be more "passionate about life".

We've all seen people like that. I just couldn't pull that if I'm not being authentic.

But I need to at least be able to talk about things I'm passionate with. And Type 5 enneagram seems to confirm that I would stingy even in that.

There seems to be a running theme the past few days.

The closest word I can find it `texture`, `tune` or something else.

Had an hour chat with an old friend who lost his dad.

I think I'm losing my verbal conversational muscle.

Maybe I would have better channel for expression had I play music.

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What I really need, maybe want, is a thinking tool that superior for writing.

The phone is so close to being it.

This is the mind trying to mimic rather than pursue own desires.

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I should know better that a new monitor wouldn't give me motivational boost.

But I do know. I just expected a slight boost that didn't even come.

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