I minor-snapped at co-workers. I can do better.

It's easy to let this get to my head. Times like these are bound to make us lax.

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After tweaking the variables, turn fuck-you money is very much within reach if BTC rises a bit more.

Wife might be experiencing a mild mid life crisis.

This is more tricky for women.

On an unrelated note, family is often overly romanticized. Its role as a source of pain is often euphemized.

Today I understand the value of a geisha can provide what even the best wife cannot.

I probably shouldn't have an idealized sense of how a break day should be like.

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On a break day. Immensely productive in the morning but all I did was finance and more finance.

If I were to die in two years this is not how I want my days to be, yet I'm being responsible to a fault here.

All things equal, a girl with rolling luggage on the street is more attractive because I know she'll leave after I fucked her.

Got rug pulled on me. Not much money lost I hope.

The way to treat a bitch isn't to out-bitch her. It's to care less than she does.

Turn out good Twitter game kinda resembles good investing too.

Invest in people with low follower count.

I wonder where my wife's chronic jealousy came from.

Bad sleep is very conducive for hulking out.

Turn out many Masterclass are available from torrent.

I missed out so much.

Let's trying something different this week. Rather than trying to eliminate skin picking altogether (it hasn't work despite my best effort), let's try to pick while being super mindful of it.

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This is a question I ask myself every week: how am I complicit in creating the things I don't want?

Problem is it's getting harder to think of things I don't want.

Imagine using a browser that supports only one tab.

The caravan simulation in my head continues, going through each hour as if I'm living in a caravan without actually doing it.

On the bring side it does generate some gratitude about the abundance of creature comfort at home.

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