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I suspect a lot of what I do are already past of Jungian shadow work

I fear I still look to these characters for validation. In dreams, these validations came easy.

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Dreamt a full episode of having an affair with her. She ended her marriage to be with me, no struggle at all.

What is my shadow trying to tell me??

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It's one of those days when wife tends to take everything the wrong way. Good thing she somehow developed a soft nature these past few months.

Fight was averted but I'm worried about conflict debt over time.

I'm a grown ass man but I have a crush on Anya Taylor Joy. That's just not right.

I wanna resist the temptation to check notifications for validations on my posts.

About time the conflict debt add up.

The fact that it bothers me even a little means I haven't fully intergrate this fact.

I would like to ask an aggressive corporate woman: "Would you prefer to be liked or do you prefer to be feared?"

It's ok to nothing for awhile.

Not even using the phone.

Not even thinking.

Maybe her not replying is a good thing.

She could be illiterate by now and reply with entirely broken proses, which would be very disappointing.

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Knowing now that it's been read, even without reply I felt better.

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Being happy is quite possibly a choice. Being wilfully happy despite being sick, despite having shit thrown at you.

That's something I need to learn.

Jumping tasks/context should require mandatory breaks.

It's only a problem when my social media curiosity exceeds my work curiosity.

It's weekend. I need to practice slack & play.

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