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Mainstream entertainment is full of women punishing evil men now.

I think we're losing knowledge of the distinct nature of evil women. And that we forget that women can be evil at all.

Fantasizing though isn't romanticizing. I'm simulating all the tiny details of caravan living.

Turn out there's so much about regular home-living I have to sacrifice to make this work.

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I've been fantasizing a single life living in a caravan moving from one good view to another.

Too often I dunno the effects I have on people, even or maybe especially the positive kind.

I am officially a millionaire. I don't feel like one.

Deep down I am overly romantic. But reality doesn't catch up.

It's silly but I got my first PO box in my life. Makes me feel legit.

My stomach can't handle spices anymore. I attribute to an age thing.

I'm glad I did my Dangerous Writing today. Doing so somehow changed the mood texture of the week, it's almost like therapy for the soul.

I'm ready to adopt a better laptop, even though the current one is working well.

I don't mind snappier responses.

Last week was a 5-day work week. It's only Tuesday and I already crave for 4-day work this week.

I shall not feel guilty for taking a one-hour nap.

I'm embarrassed that I'm checking into FB to look for validations for my origami.

At the rate I'm going, I'm very close being at peace with not having a child in this life.

Another bad-sleep day. Every time I have one of these it's always been a struggle.

Learning to roll with it. Need a new operational mode that's in line with "do what you can".

My SNX holdings have eclipsed my BTC holdings. This is getting scary.

I think I'm at last doing Twitter somewhat right.

I do act real weird after a fight, much more so than other people, more than it is justified.

Deal with it.

I have a mixed relationship with being self-aware.

The upside is it gives me control.

The downside (when done wrong) is makes me timid and hesitant.

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