2K is the perfect resolution for a 24" monitor. 4K is perfect for 27"-32". More importantly, all monitors come with fancy hiDPI scaling nowadays--IT'S CALLED CHANGING YOUR RESOLUTION TO MATCH WHAT YOU CAN READ. If you have a 4k 24" monitor and can't see sheit, run it at 2K, brainiacs. Bonus: your GPU and CPU work less, they stay cooler, they save electricity, they live longer, & the freed memory improves performance...I can't believe sw scaling is a thing.

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@lefarfadet Thank you for the good link. But I'll take old 7x5 bitmap fonts and avoid all the fuss. They're beautiful, and worked for decades pleasantly. Also, I'd appreciate font designers saying they want to help me more if fonts where l, I, and 1 are EVER indistinguishable were COLLECTIVELY OUTLAWED BY THEM.

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