Wait, genres have an integer code! Why didn't anyone tell me there was a lookup table for genres? This could help my genre typos a lot (or make the problem worse than ever).

See the blobby cloud with the stringy tendrils? I don't recall seeing these recently but I remember them in the past. I'm guessing it's cloud from a coal burner.

It's like they had a deal on towers and also 20W motherboards with no expansion and made an abomination of the two.

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I write SQL all day long by trial and error, never knowing why this works and that doesn't. I have a sinking feeling if I tried that it's actually hard to grok because it tries too hard to mimic natural English language.

Woodworking is some wholesome life affirming stuff. Ron Swanson knows what's up. The way the strength is distributed almost evenly thru out the volume. The way the finished piece oozes character.


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