@cypnk ISS is on a high inclination (marginally more expensive per kg) orbit. Looks like they're adding power. They might have to had thrusters too. May as well not connect it to anything, use a better orbit.

Who have I got to fuck to mount this NTFS read write? Is that how it works? Maybe that's it. I have to sleep my way to read write.

As if designed to create confusion, directly north across the river from Portland OR, is a city named Vancouver WA. (As you know, directly north across another river from Seattle WA is Vancouver BC.)

Wait, genres have an integer code! Why didn't anyone tell me there was a lookup table for genres? This could help my genre typos a lot (or make the problem worse than ever).

Package names sound like planets sometimes. I just said to myself "WTF is Gambas 3?"

BTW, fair warning, the answer to that is a little nauseating.

#fkfd | Protesters
#oc #comic made with #krita

title text: Also the parasitic protesters: those who follow another group, shouting slogans only for free beer.


@lefarfadet Thank you for the good link. But I'll take old 7x5 bitmap fonts and avoid all the fuss. They're beautiful, and worked for decades pleasantly. Also, I'd appreciate font designers saying they want to help me more if fonts where l, I, and 1 are EVER indistinguishable were COLLECTIVELY OUTLAWED BY THEM.

"I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot 150,000 of my base voters and I wouldn't lose any voters [left alive], okay?"

2K is the perfect resolution for a 24" monitor. 4K is perfect for 27"-32". More importantly, all monitors come with fancy hiDPI scaling nowadays--IT'S CALLED CHANGING YOUR RESOLUTION TO MATCH WHAT YOU CAN READ. If you have a 4k 24" monitor and can't see sheit, run it at 2K, brainiacs. Bonus: your GPU and CPU work less, they stay cooler, they save electricity, they live longer, & the freed memory improves performance...I can't believe sw scaling is a thing.

"165 degrees Fahrenheit." Answer to "Okay Google, at what temperature is your CPU safely cooked?"

HAL was the ship. All he had to do to keep Dave from boarding him was do a minor detour burn--and correct course when Dave was long gone. I guess he weighed the risk of using fuel vs the chance of Dave succeeding.

See the blobby cloud with the stringy tendrils? I don't recall seeing these recently but I remember them in the past. I'm guessing it's cloud from a coal burner.

@Gargron I used to wonder why 95F was Satan's temperature then I realized it's just too close to body temp for a human to hope to dump heat to atmo at any useful rate.

Guess this is why various fossil-fueled global warming reports refer to number of days over 95F as a big deal.

@venko This is how all kittens look. When they get old they get better at RBF.

Makes you feel old when your old PC speakers have static on one side unless you turn them way up, and when your trusty old monitors' inverters flake out, caps bulging.

@HamDancer The prophet at the time had Gideon (I think) muster an army and only take the ones into battle who drank at the stream they stopped at by cupping and raising their hands, not those who just sucked or lapped at the surface. If I ever must an army I will bring them by Walmart and leave those who do not put up their carts.

While I wasn't looking, things developed to the point that audio is handled automagically over HDMI & DisplayPort, and monitors work perfectly and switch between inputs perfectly with it. I'm kind of wondering if/when PC's display chipsets will go beyond just piping the audio to have a low bandwidth USB function, and monitors' USB hubs will work thru their inputs and switch between them.

@Timmy This is the type of thing that makes me worry about our destiny of building a Dyson Swarms of millions of county-sized rotating habs. Eventually one will be crappily made, break up, and cause star-system-wide Kessler Syndrome.

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