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I guess I should be interested in catching up on modern Dr. Who, but I'm too busy watching modern fucked-up fast-paced Dr. Who*.

*Rick and Morty

Hooray for snaps, I guess. MakeMKV forgot I said yes to the 30 day trial 30 days ago. :)

I write SQL all day long by trial and error, never knowing why this works and that doesn't. I have a sinking feeling if I tried that it's actually hard to grok because it tries too hard to mimic natural English language. Circa 1918 photos and signs
troublingly (comfortingly?) similar to today.

Woodworking is some wholesome life affirming stuff. Ron Swanson knows what's up. The way the strength is distributed almost evenly thru out the volume. The way the finished piece oozes character.

NYTimes: Bolton's Book Says Trump Impeachment Inquiry Missed Other Troubling Actions ... Why didn't this sick fsck talk to the House?!?

I guess they didn't ... Czech the map.

And it looks like some people also need to ... Polish .. their CVs after this incident.

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