Parler looks like it was mocked up by a real designer and coded by a band of idiots.

@alex Parler has a clickable hash tag map in the upper right part of the interface. It has a useful working search feature. The fediverse doesn't.

Parler has notifications but you can't click on them and the list is mostly broken. You can attach images to posts but only one at a time (you can't choose 3 images). Uploading videos is plain broken, it will say "transcoding" and get stuck forever (even if it's a 200kb MPEG-AVC MP4 with no need for transcoding). It's overall a really bad experience.

@katie Lol it's a dumpster fire. Better search will come to Pleroma. Unfortunately we (fediverse devs) have 1/100th the resources as these people despite being 100x more competent.

@alex Having more resources may or may not help if you, by resources, mean Cold Hard $$$ Cash. Have you read yet?

"The Company raised approximately $2 million in its 2017 and 2018 Regulation Crowdfunding offerings"

Yet they are essentially bankrupt.

"Company had negative cash flows from operations totaling $808,995 for the year ended
December 31, 2019"

Cash, end of year 2019: $31,255

How much development could you do with say $700,000 in a year?

@katie @alex Yep! can't spend more and build less. Or can you...minds $2.5 million.

@katie Wow! Thanks for passing that along, I had not read that yet. I did contracting work for Gab for about a month. After seeing how incompetent they are it made me feel like I can do anything. I think I'll get the funding I need eventually, but I won't waste it like them.
@alex @katie a new recruiting slogan: "worried about imposter syndrome? working with us will cure you of that!"
@katie @alex Geez. So, for fiscal year 2018, they had a $256,799 revenue and a net loss of $390,956. And in fiscal year 2019, they had significantly less revenue than last year $145,272 and an even greater net loss of $749,862 and with only $31,255 in cash at the end of year? Yikes! They're essentially bankrupt and a money-losing operation at this point. I am so glad I never was an investor of theirs. I'm quite frankly surprised they're still going at this point and have not yet filed for bankruptcy. At this rate, I'm thinking it's inevitable that they'll file for bankruptcy.

@seanking @alex GAB has always been a money-losing operation. But don't worry about them having burned all their money..

"We anticipate that we will need $750,000, in addition to our current cash on hand" "dependent to a significant extent upon the funds we are able to raise from third party investors".

The actual business model is, and always was, to issue and sell shares to investors. It seems like a good one, it's worked well for them thus far. I'd love to see their actual books.

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