Cut a video clip of US Senator Cory Booker questioning Twitter and Facebook CEOs about their supposed failure to censor Donald Trump after making a long speech about how questioning the US election is a "threat to democracy".

Watching it almost made me sick, but it's worth watching since it provides some insight into why social media platforms are censoring and behaving they way they do.

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@katie It's Leftists playing off each other. Zuck is Leftist and allows these Leftists to shout that he's not doing enough censoring on his platform, so that Zuck can then censor more people on his platform.
They're not pushing Zuckerberg, they're working with him to push out everyone who isn't a Leftist or insane.
@Orakel @katie The antifa and SJWs don't understand what Facebook is for. If everyone who voted GOP were banned by Facebook the globalists would lose an the firehose of raw data provided by gullible Republicans of their own free will. Zuckerberg has been tasked with keeping as many cattle as possible in the slaughter chutes, but he can't very well say that in public.
@judgedread @Orakel @katie A long time ago, I fell for the Facebook grift: I needed to keep in touch with far away acquaintances and express my views. A complete self-pwn since your opinions are tabulated to be used against you in the future and if you really care about an acquaintance, you would actually pick up the phone and speak to them or visit them. I left Facebook months ago and have not regretted it one bit. I join the chorus begging people to cancel their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. There is not free speech anymore and these social media platforms are cancer.
@Simpadoo @Orakel Right up to 2004 ISPs, forums and groups told everyone NOT to use their real names, advice I did not need. Suddenly it flipped, in much the same way that the depiction of the US military flipped when certain forces decided to expel Iraq from Kuwait.

@katie thank you for posting this. Do you care to share which meeting this was clipped from? I'd like to watch the whole thing and get all the context.

I do not care for Facebook, but I am acknowledging Zuckerburgs read between the lines and his unwillingness to take the same steps as Twitter. Mr Booker is clearly extremely biased and himself he is helping to undermine our democracy.

This video is just, wow...

@jordan31 The whole video is on cspan at

You'll quickly see a pattern: Democratic senators demanding more censorship and republican ones asking for less.

Ted Cruz was pretty based.

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