"Mojeek: Search results independent of Google, Microsoft, and Yandex"

Check out this Q&A with our CEO Colin Hayhurst and independent & private browser Vivaldi on all things Mojeek: commitment to privacy, the field of search engines & exciting plans for the future.

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@Mojeek Why did you ban my IP with a -j DROP?

Was it because or the search terms sent by users?

How long will my IP be banned?

@katie Hey Katie, very sorry to hear that; we've been combatting some bots recently so we might have made a mistake there. Would you be okay sending your IP over a more secure channel so we can investigate? If so, which would suit you best? Thanks

@katie Response from devs is: this is most likely due to "search terms sent by searx users" rather than because of searx


@Mojeek This made me curious, what are the search terms that would get you banned from Mojeek?

Are there search terms one aren't allowed to search for using Mojeek? What are these search terms? And are banned search terms due to legal issues, controversies or moral viewpoints?

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@katie the only two things we focus on is suspected bot traffic/automated search stuff and terms which relate to child abuse - this process when it comes to action is not foolproof.

We're checking the IP stuff now!

@katie Apologies, it looked like I was avoiding the end part of the question there. The automated searches are for business interest, because these searches do not provide us with any value. The child abuse stuff is a combination of the "legal issues, controversies and moral viewpoints."

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