@katie I was watching some vids of the truckers last night and literally got a tear in my eye. It's the best possible start to the new year. The UK government is backing off, and the Canadian trucker march has been absolutely incredible. They have gridlocked the city and line the entire border crossing between Alberta and Montana. Tow trucks are allegedly refusing orders from the city and state. Police have tried to block off access and farmers have driven tractors around them to add numbers.

The solution is simple: Parliament needs to pass legislation banning all medical passports, ban cities from imposing curfews, and ban all mask mandates. If they just do what the UK did, the truckers will go home tomorrow. Parliament and Justin Blackface only have themselves to blame.

@djsumdog Sweden never did any of this mandate and injection passport nonsense

The Truckers and people in are simply fighting for the they used to have two years ago - something we never lost

I hope this ends it in Canada. And don't forget Europe, countries like Austria are way worse than Canada

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@katie I could not agree more. Thank you for all your posts.

France still requires papers, right? And police shot a protestor with live rounds in Rottendam this year and that didn't make international news. I heard German is backing down after some massive protests, is that true?

One of my good friends moved from NZ to Sweden years ago. She was very out of the loop of what was happening back in the South Pacific. I was like, "stay where you are. Don't go back."
@djsumdog @katie Medias France are starting to imply that it's useless to continue.
Otherwise yes everyone is required to have a vacinal pass depending on the department situation. Otherwise you just have to make test.
See https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/loda/id/JORFTEXT000043567200/2022-01-29/
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