"most sincerest" is grammatically correct for sure what are you talking about :P

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true fact, everything wrong with the world is a direct result of the existence of Electron. covid-19 is the almighty AI gods punishing us for our sins.

I would like to offer the most sincerest of statements:

if you maintain an Electron app, fuck you. fuck you, fuck everything you stand for, fuck everyone who uses your shitty Google-Chrome-ass software, go trip and break your fingers so you can never use a computer again, cause god knows you can't do it responsibly!

in a way, the devices we use are like external organs; they improve our function at the cost of requiring constant maintenance, and significantly reduce our abilities when functioning incorrectly, just like any other organ.

it's weird to think that we live in a world where our brains are basically extended by the devices we use

slowly going through everything in my password manager to delete old accounts 😬

here's a thing I wrote up, let me know if there's anything wrong or missing: leagueh.xyz/en/privacy.html

also available in markdown (as is the case with all my pages): leagueh.xyz/en/privacy.md

Fun fact about the website in my bio; you can download the entire thing for offline viewing with Git, and you can view it without a browser by using the Markdown version.

How do you access them Markdown version? Easy, just add `.md` to the end of the URL (or `index.md` if the URL ends in `/`)

For example, leagueh.xyz/u/katherine.peeter

still accepting friends requests on Tox, my ID is


Honestly, between WINE/Proton and VFIO, "I use Windows because [name of application or game] doesn't run on Linux" is just an excuse for being a coward.

I do not have the words to describe how much I hate Windows and the people who use it...

One day your reckoning will come, Linus Torvalds himself will descend from the heavens and smite down all you filthy traitors!

I have a hacked Google Home Mini; took the guts out and replaced it with an RPi Zero W, but unfortunately it doesn't have the computing power needed to run any open source voice assistants ;-;

going to try tethering it to a beefier machine over WiFi

updating my other gentoo system; last emerge --sync was 152 days ago πŸ’€

"statically linked" and "no bloat" are mutually exclusive, fight me

I like how someone thought "you know Google Chrome? what if we made that, but even worse"

every Electron app published condemns humanity to another 100 years of damnation, think before you code!

I like how someone thought "you know NodeJS? what if we made that, but even worse"

"mom, can we get a future of computing?"

"no, we already have a future of computing at home"

future of computing at home: "behold, Deno, a statically linked JavaScript interpreter intended for use in command line scripts written in Rust with its own built in package manager and a Discord server!"

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