I've got a rather interesting wallpaper command going on. originally, it was just `feh --bg-tile wallpaper.png`, but now...

wal -ni $(find ~/pictures/wallpapers -type f | shuf -n 1); convert $(cat ~/.cache/wal/wal) -scale 1920x1080 - | feh --bg-tile -

it should probably just be a script at this point lol

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my laptop now selects a random wallpaper every time i3 restarts and updates the system colour scheme to match the chosen wallpaper

ack, I'm really down right now because of textflight... if I at least had some criticism I'd feel better cause then maybe I could learn and make something better, but I have nothing, hundreds of hours completely wasted with nothing to show for it...

Terrorism is /not/ praxis.

Supporting terrorism alienates the general public and gives the state an excuse to crack down on protestors.

Violence is justified in self defense, e.g. if a police officer shoots at you, but unprovoked violence against potentially innocent people is just plain wrong.

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yo giving your main branch a new, cooler name is fucking rad actually

That's not to suggest that I don't enjoy working on Textflight; if there was anyone playing, even one person, I'd love to continue to improve the project.

Nevertheless, there isn't even a single person playing it, so I can't really justify spending my time on this, as sad as it may be.

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About the future of Textflight:

Nobody plays it. The server is eternally empty, the IRC channel is dead, I'm the only person subscribed to the mailing list.

As much as I want to keep working on the project, there's just no motivation, no point whatsoever.

The reason 0.2a happened is because there was one person playing. I could at least say to myself "well, at least there's one".

So long as there's nobody, I can't go on with this project. That's where I'm at.

do you think people would be more interested in Textflight if it wasn't text based, if it was graphical? I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, it doesn't feel fair...

hi, so just to clarify, minecraft has villagers with

- large noses
- protected by a golem modelled after their form
- trades items for currency
- are the primary holders of currency

oh, and the game was developed by a vocal white supremacist. yeah... not antisemitic at all...

that being said, this is starting to feel like the longest 4 days of my life...

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part of me wants to try rewriting part or all of Textflight in C, and make a C client library or possibly even a better client, but given that nobody plays it it's hard to justify...

(although, excluding the ships built by me and one other player that used to be active but isn't anymore, there's only 29 ships)

there are 88 ships in Textflight that have actually left spawn, that's more than I expected; if only even one of those people actually still played ;-;

Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

I really want to keep working on Textflight, but nobody plays it, so it's really hard to stay motivated...

going old fashioned; my git repos are now available through a simple nginx directory index at leagueh.xyz/git/, Gitea has been removed. bugs and pull requests can be directed towards the mailing lists set up at leagueh.xyz/mail/postorius/lis

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