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Interview (Japanese-language) with @[email protected] and some other commentators, about where the network is going and the involvement of Japanese businesses. Makes some of the same points I think are important and I've written about in English before. Sadly, I'm not up to translating the whole thing accurately myself. nalgami.hateblo.jp/entry/masto

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While I was sleeping: the network passed 500k users, and friends.nico passed mastodon.cloud to be fourth most populous instance. The population of friends.nico apparently includes about 16k script-created accounts from one person, but it'd still be fifth most populous instance even without those. mstdn.io/media/R37b83RUoc6VkCm

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Japanese-language interview with pawoo.net admin on Logmi: pawoo.net/users/pixiv/updates/

Non-Japanese-language, or pre-mstdn.jp, parts of the federation are not mentioned.


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Please add a comment when you report someone, especially when it's in Japanese !...

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#Radar Final updates to radar.amberstone.digital for the day!

* Search box to navigate to an instance page
* Instance pages now show historical growth (with as much data as I could find)
* Instance pages show the ranking per instance by all 3 metrics
* Bubbles on the Fediverse chart are now clickable, and go to the instance page
* Bars on the Leaderboards are now clickable, and go to the instance page wogan.im/media/UJ08BZzW4VUPL7f wogan.im/media/LioZx79L5zZRv16

Number of Mastodon instances are increasing more speedy than I think. Where are we going to go?

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スタートアップスクリプト「Mastodon」をリリースしました | さくらのクラウドニュース

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pawoo.net/media/aVDM87LU8-Hisw pawoo.net/media/8KKi8xcrRp9Ovd

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I'm deploying a system of blockchain. Are you interesting?

So I'm happy touching with you guys. I guess this system has something alternative for social network. Cause it's deployed by volunteers.

pawoo has been disconnect?
it is good decision.
there are any illegal posts and images.
so our servers also have cache of them.
in this situation, server admins are under threat of arrested.

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たくさんの日本人がまた来ています。 みんなにようこそ!

i know all toot are shsred all servers , but accounts are managed individual servers.

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