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@jiusan 這個問題我當初學打台文也遇到過,明明唸的出來卻不知道要怎麼打,這裡有兩張對照圖分別是KIP台羅(目前教育部母語課程用)跟POJ(教會羅馬字)的,再搭配上這個App應該可以解決你的困擾。


Turns out that the best open source maintained browser on macOS and Windows can be if you don’t want Google Chrome

Riot 1.6.0 released into the wild: Cross-signing and E2EE by default for DMs and private rooms enabled

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We’re launching several new security features that make ProtonMail even more secure against attacks. Learn about these technologies and how they keep you safe:

再高的 Hotfix 標準,我們都可以在第一天達成 😂

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New #OpenBSD security errata for amd64 (Intel CPUs).

6.4 #021 and 6.5 #008. Don't forget to run syspatch(8)!

《個資風暴:劍橋分析事件》(The Great Hack) 在說我們的自由意識已正式進入了一個時代,意識從被石器、農業、工業所支配,來到真正被資訊科技所支配的時代,而這幾個月的心得是,隱私的基礎同時落於政策法規以及資訊安全

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三位 Google 軟體工程師寫了一篇用機器學習玩超重力(結合超弦和廣義相對論的理論)的論文。為了怕物理學家看不懂機器學習、或資訊科學家看不懂超重力,寫了很長的導論。

全文 180 頁。


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Amazon is making it easier for users to delete their Alexa data, but the onus is still on the user. This shows that companies view smart speakers as a means to collect #data on their users. Otherwise they'd make #privacy the default

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You get annoyed by having to enter your #Mastodon handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance.

#Firefox #addon #Fediverse @switchingsocial

最近辦公室的網路常被外面挖斷呢,是適合 remote practice 的好時機

台鐵訂票通,整個體驗除了 Capcha 的選擇有點糟,其它覺得還算不錯

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