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Puolustusvoimien nimissä on lähetetty tekstiviesti, jossa henkilöitä kehotetaan saapumaan palvelukseen Lähi-idän tilanteeseen liittyen. Kyseessä on huijausviesti. Puolustusvoimat ei ole lähettänyt viestiä. Viestin alkuperää selvitetään.

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Well, I don't know how to host mstdn.io anymore

I deleted my instagram! After I ordered and downloaded my data off of it. Next up: set up pixelfed instance! switching.software/ethical-alt

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The "new" online bank is still on 6.x, EOL'd in 2017. I wouldn't care otherwise, but they're the biggest bank in Finland and even my money is in there.

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Tim Berners-Lee is at it again with his Contract For The Web.


@aral will get a laugh from the supporters.

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Epic hard drive fact that presumably everyone else knew: one of the main reasons why platter speeds (and random seek latencies) haven't improved much relates to aeroelastic flutter in the head.

Helium is now used because it remains laminar at 8x higher platter speeds.

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I'm a 30 yr veteran of IT who worked nights & weekends. I'm here to tell you that not only did it NOT help my career, it caused management to stop taking me seriously because I clearly had no sense of self worth.

Don't fall for this. twitter.com/twobitidiot/status

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Confidence in US leadership, change from Obama to Trump:

↓76% Germany
↓75% France
↓58% Canada
↓52% Australia
↓51% UK
↓48% Japan
↓44% South Korea
↓43% Mexico
↑8% Russia
(Pew 2018). twitter.com/thehill/status/120

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Reposting some old comments on UEFI, since I got riled up about it again:

UEFI is perhaps the single most egregious pile of garbage ever concieved by humans. I don't think it's possible to overstate how awful it truly is.

Here's how BIOS works: basically, the computer loads the first 512 bytes of disk into memory and jumps to it. The OS takes over from there and does whatever it needs to, like bootstrapping stage 2 and loading the kernel from the filesystem. The spec[0] is 46 pages long and you are granted the rights to reproduce, distribute, and implement it free of charge.

Want to know how UEFI works? The spec[1] is a 2,899 page PDF which you have to pay to use in any way, including writing an implementation.

Every copy of this specification should be found and burned. The ashes should be buried deep in a dark place and the earth above salted.

[0] web.archive.org/web/2011071508

[1] uefi.org/specifications

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Tiesitkö, että hiilijalanjälkesi voidaan mitata maksuliikenteestäsi? Maksuliikennedatan hyödyntäminen kehittyy koko ajan ja sitä voidaan jo hyödyntää vaikka mihin. -vieraana ja @MartinNordnet:in haastateltavana @NetsFinland maajohtaja @senordlund. blogi.nordnet.fi/isoveli-kukka

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I’m now positive that people who claim to have seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls.

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No big deal; just a guy playing fetch with a beluga whale... 😮

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I'm about to explode.

Zuckerberg gets an oped in the New York Times where he celebrates a crazy centralized system where FACEBOOK curates news. Total information feudalism.

Facebook as the Editor of American Information. You good with that?


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@[email protected] Clearly the next step for these school districts is camps for the poor kids where they can work to pay off their debt...

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