I'm thinking of getting a new (epub capable) as my old Kobo is slowly dying... but would like one with physical buttons for turning pages... anyone got any ?

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thinking about an inkBOOK Prime HD for the moment. :)

@kln is an early Kindle possible? Both that and Nook have real buttons.

@mattbk perhaps?
isn't kindle mobi only? most of my books are epub.

been thinking an android eink reader as well. to install some different apps.

@kln good point, I just got an old kindle and haven't tried everything yet.

@mattbk how long have you had the Kindle if I can ask? they do look nice... even if the idea of "if you are poor we can give you a discounted unit with a metric ton of ads" / "we can just recall your ebook from your device" makes me worried...

another issue (entirely my own) is that I only get DRM free books. yes I'm one of them nuts.

@kln don't worry. I got a used one a month ago so I could read library books that were only available on Kindle. Otherwise I sideload onto the Nook with Calibre.

I can try sideloading epub on the Kindle, haven't tried yet.

@kln using Calibre, it looks like I can sideload as mobi, azw3, pdf, or txt, but I had it convert on the fly and it seemed to work.

I haven't done a lot with different formats though, so I don't know what gets lost during conversion.

@mattbk haven't looked at nook though. hmmmm. thanks. :)

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