even after all these years - still got my first Gameboy and first game... the Gameboy has some issues but have a color replacement. :)

playing the pandemic boardgame with family... tone deaf or funny... we shall see.

Have to say though, having some issues. I tried making a basic rec file but it does not auto generate any fields and all entries are put at the start of the file rather at the bottom... :S

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CREEPER magazine No1 cover : Skull, glowing eyes, etc. 

Here is the cover for CREEPER No1.

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So I got a bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Not sure why the "Bastron" was marketed for the modern business woman that worked in cafe's (it is big, heafty, and loud to type on) but its definitely a step up from the microsoft wedge (of which I am also a fan).


the food may be on the blander side, the alcohol expensive, but the nature of top notch in Norway. :)

So... I might need some more .

Got a tab in the web client that tracks a series of tags (any of: CreativeCommons, PublicDomain FreeCulture CC0 Licenceartlibre) which worked for a few days, but today it doesn't load anything (just shows "load more") and I get a sneaky little popup in the corner with error "500" (internal server error?).

Wondering if I'm hitting my head against a here or what. :)


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