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I haven't had Windows on my computers in years, and whenever I have to solve some problem with Windows I just try all 500 magical thinking cargo cult solutions that come up in search results until one works
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"Read" by Mayan Mashraki is such a simple and enjoyable RSS reader for my phone! Loving rediscovering the simple joy of a well pruned list of RSS feeds to all things (RSS bridge ftw).

only thing missing is an export/import feed list feature... may have sent him an email about it hoping it will be added.


2019 was one hell of a year... 2020 is going a bit slower so got time to read again - thought I would catch up on APEX magazine... except it went into indefinite hibernation April 2019. 😥

I get why, but still makes me sad. Anyone know any other good APEX-esq scifi magazines?

podcast: 99% Invisible. episode 389. proof that creativity and cultural products are built on other creative things. no one creates in a vacuum

For the folks, have a look at the TBD CATALOG (available for free). A skymall-esq catalog of design fiction. Products that don't exist, but absolutely could at any moment become real.

thinking about an inkBOOK Prime HD for the moment. :)

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I'm thinking of getting a new (epub capable) as my old Kobo is slowly dying... but would like one with physical buttons for turning pages... anyone got any ?

For the fan: enjoying the hell out of Alpha Beta Gamer on youtube. So many obscure stylish horror games, and no commentary so you get to focus on the game being LP'd.

For the LucasArts fan that loves a good pixel point and click game...

The Drifter. Can't wait for it to be out!

Let's play of Chp1/Demo:

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Have to say though, having some issues. I tried making a basic rec file but it does not auto generate any fields and all entries are put at the start of the file rather at the bottom... :S

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Suddenly keeping tiny databases for personal use (tracking books, links, etc) got a lot easier via RECUTILS! :D

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Came across this;
"The Internet Arcade is a web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games from the 1970s through to the 1990s"
can be found there;

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Grab the Snap of Polar, a powerful offline browser for #Linux to manage web content, books, and notes. @[email protected] keeps your content in one place, with tags, annotations and keeps track of your reading progress 📚 📖

snap install polar-bookshelf

For a brief history of ZZT and a book recommendation (I'll be buying it) try DavidXNewtons part1 story of EPIC:

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CREEPER magazine No1 cover : Skull, glowing eyes, etc. 

Here is the cover for CREEPER No1.

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A while back I mentioned using DOS emulation as a way to make crossplatform games, and linked to a few game creation systems for DOS.

Today's find: KevEdit, a ZZT editor (for the ZZT unaware, think Nethack but with colors and ascii animations) nicely reviewed by DrDOS at

The editor is available via Github:

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