- Cleaning inventory
- Cleaning landmarks
- Cleaning friendlist

finalely hunt is not as easy. I continualy should copy past thing from sl brower to internet browser

I don't know where to get worm

Just meeting Kayleigh Daligdig

she help me to find an other place of fishhunt because I could not go directectly from http link to sl

Finaly I know how to do it I have to copy past the address in sl

exemple this addresse

does not work but if I copy pas in a chat it change it in SL link


You've caught Deepwater stingray
Fishing Experience: 523 (+1)
Fishes: 23 (+1)
Your Earnings: 1.68 L$ (+0.237) RANK BONUS: (with Pro rod and higher)
You need 1 more Fishing EXP to beat DDADesigns Resident currently ranked 15430.

You need 1 more Monthly Fish EXP to beat Jebria Resident currently ranked 950.

Just trying ,... It looks a little be easier than magic fishing but I don't know If I get more Anyway I am not exeped a lot

Je suis malade. Toux mal à la tête. Je ne sais pas si j'ai de la fièvre mais j'ai l'impression d'être dans un avion qui monte descent et tourne.

I am not feeling well I think I have fiver. I am sick

Not easy to talk with someone who does not understand any english any french with only a translator. It leads to strange talk. Lot of misunderstanding.

Anyone interested to take over the domain gnusocial.de? Renewal is due for Feb. 02 and I won't renew it.

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