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Kristof Maven @kristofmaven

I have 6 followers
One is me
6 real followers
2 are bots
4 real real

When you are not a geek and you don't speak computer things you are like a stranger here at country

Better to open a flickr or facebook account

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@kristofmaven People who post pictures (fan art, cats, naked ladies) seem to get a lot of followers.


Sometimes, all it takes is a boost.

@angrystan did that.

I follow him so I get the chance to see his boost.

What are your interests?

Use hashtags on posts about things which interest you.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

@kristofmaven Not true ! People who talk about art get many followers. Japanese spoken fellas and lolicon addicts are also famous. There’s also lot of meme makers and professionnal shitposters

@kristofmaven try writing an # introductions post where you tag the things you are interested in?

Also, welcome!

also also, you do SL? any tips for an absolute noob?