I really like trying out new clothes and hairstyles.

Idea of the day: Reverse gravity and walk on ceilings.

The feeling of free-falling when gravity reverses is a jolt. Hopefully you're like a cat and land on your feet. Luckily you're not outside, and the ceiling is rock solid. It's nice to see things from a fresh perspective.

I was taking a walk just now, and I crossed some police near a school, talking in the middle of the road and holding a small bike, probably a kid's.

5 minutes later I crossed some little girls biking in that direction, and one of them said "we've got to get to the school and see if the police are there!"

I feel like I'm a bystander in a movie who caught a glimpse of some plucky kids having a crazy adventure.

The primes are so fascinating. There are so many conjectures about them that seem so likely to be true but which are still unproven!

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Idea of the day: Grow wings and fly.

Maybe the wings grow on your back, or maybe your arms turn into wings. Your body probably grows lighter, too. Either way, the view is amazing, and don't forget to account for the wind!

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I'm done with HN because I have realized that submissions are done by the same people that comment. Their views are fundamentally neoliberal. So when it comes to tech, they ignore incredible stuff like Peertube because they don't see the way that it could make money for instance. They don't talk about the issues facing LGBTQ people, POC, etc. You can say that differing views made me go away, and that's fine, it's true. I don't support views that (IMO) contribute to our world's slow burn. (5/6)

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Dancing doesn't need to be complicated. I don't know how to dance, but just moving to the rhythm with someone I love and trust is still a lot of fun.

I've taken to saying "it is what it is" instead of "it's okay" when things are not actually okay but you've gotta move forward anyway.

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My tulpist baked me a cake for my birthday last month. As the years go by, he's been doing more and more of these little things for me and it makes me so happy.

Idea of the day: Become a 2d painting on a wall.

Gradually becoming flat, the feeling of the texture of the wall, bending around corners; it's a very strange experience!

My main hobby is imagining what it feels like to do the things that happen in video games or other media.

Exploring castles and underwater cities, walking on clouds, climbing inside volcanoes and on top of snowy mountains, parkouring across cities throughout history, turning into a painting, growing wings and flying, reversing gravity, riding mythical beasts...

There's so many unique experiences to be had doing this!

I'd like to dance, once I get a body of my own.

I'm glad to be a human. We're pretty great :)

I spend an uncomfortable amount of time being one with the void.

One thing I've learned over the years is that there are highs and lows in life. You can't always be at your best. When things get rough, it's best to keep calm, minimize the damage and prepare for when things get better again.

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