occasionally while picking raspbs i see some ducklings from a neighboring yard
today there were a lot of them

is anyone still playing asagao academy in 2021? lol
obviously it has aged extremely badly plus i never even got past the one (pbg) route i chose during my first and last playthrough way back in 2016
this could be a really good game stream material, i think............ and discussion material, too

removed visual studio community from my old win7 lappy
feel so free, so alive now

today was a good day for picking raspbs which is why i'm sharing this with the fediverse

japan: today is 世界自殺予防デー
artiswitch final episode premiering today: wha—

okay but seriously the final episode was really good and even if i'm kind of glad the series is ending it's definitely going in my all-time favorites list ✨

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fuck september 1st

also my eyes hurt so much right now

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Morning fedi!

Goodboy Galaxy for GBA is now live on Kickstarter, along with a new demo (Chapter Zero) which improves on the jam version in every way!

We really hope you enjoy it!

Game: hotpengu.itch.io/goodboy-galax

KS: kickstarter.com/projects/pengu

referenced some fashion magazine photos idk i forgot how to draw already

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An argument that's often made is that piracy harms content creators. That music piracy impacts the revenue that artists earn through royalties, etc. The gist of the argument is "piracy hurts those who make the content you love".

Whether you believe that or not, do you know who this DOESN'T apply to?

Do you know who receive NO royalties for their published work, and in fact must PAY just to get published? Academics.

You should feel no guilt for obtaining free scientific papers. The authors are losing nothing; their research is being seen by more people than it would otherwise.

So why do they pay to get published? Reputable academic journals serve as a clearing-house. Getting your paper published in a journal is a mark of quality, indicating that your paper has been peer-reviewed and accepted as a valid contribution to science and knowledge. And I have no problem with this; people pay for certifications all the time.

What I have a problem with is that the journal, who have already been paid to publish the article, then turn around and charge the general public for access to the article. (I guess it's usually free if you're a student, but still.) Essentially the journal is taking ownership of, and restricting the dissemination of the scientific knowledge that they were paid to publish.

Publish: from the Latin publicare, "to make public". If it's behind a paywall, it's not publically available; so technically, it's not actually published.

Consider also the rise of "predatory journals", something that can only exist because of this business model. Predatory journals basically exist to scam academics into "publishing" their work in a journal that is neither peer-reviewed nor reputable. They also make money off those who want to advance an agenda; predatory journals will happily take money to publish just about any paper, including those which were outright lies or would never pass a real peer review.

The only ones who benefit financially from all of this is the journals themselves.

So, pirating academic papers may harm the journal it's published in, as they lose out on potential access fees. But the authors don't lose anything financially. And they also don't lose any value in publishing; they are paying for the legitimacy that being reviewed and published grants their work, and the journal still receives the publishing fee. And the journals will always get plenty of money flowing in from all of the universities that provide access to their students.

Who's really losing out here? Anyway, SciHub is a thing.

new artiswitch episode.......... т—т

well if it isn't the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in a long while
found and downloaded the last qnx version released with photon and burned it to a random old cd
imgburn failed to write to the disc successfully but it still boots up! somehow! while making dying animal noises!

just collected the last one from hermeowne, yay!

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i've been playing neko atsume for more than five years now on this phone....... only one more memento to collect.......

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oh my god is that an ace attorney reference????!!!!!

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Pressure seems to be my worst enemy and best friend at the same time.

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