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I'm a mix between a computer scientist and a data scientist fresh out of grad school.
I'm interested in many artsy things like procedural content generation, indie , games with branching narratives, AI art, RPGs.
One of the things I love the most is fight choreography, both in real life and in like or . I'm a big anime fan and love good even when it's not a fight.
And (the one)

How do you pick a profile picture for life?

I want to start earning enough money so that I'm able to start buying music on Bandcamp

I don't like it when software is called "Yet another X"

I looked into Wekan as the selfhosted alternative. But I don't understand how to work with it and I don't want to self-host anything. If you can use Wekan without selfhosting it, maybe I'll switch.

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"X is much better than I expected", episode 4: Trello.

When I discussed organization software with my friends, they usually said they didn't like Trello at all.
And, being somewhat in the decentralization camp I was very reluctant to use the most popular centralized thing.
I like it though, it's surprisingly nice. I guess it's like the cards, not Trello itself.

Is it possible to make a thread on Mastodon that would behave like a twitter one - only the first (and maybe last) post is visible in the feed, but when you open the fist post, all the others are in the replies?

I want to make threads without cluttering people's feeds.

I'm not a good programmer, so I'll probably fail at this. But I'll try.

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5. There are few open source Android readers. However, I now intend to fork LibreraReader and fix it so that it has all the features I want (highlighting what text is being read, proper autoscroll, changing current sentence with touch)

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4. eReader Prestigio is also very good. Its problems are:
The maximum speed is 200% which is slow when you read the text while listening to TTS.
It has a bug with the beginning of pages which makes it hard to go back/forward a couple of pages.
It has no scroll mode.

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3. One that could be the best one is Reedy. TTS is not the main feature of the app, but it's there and it's pretty good.
The only flaw is that it feeds text to the TTS engine sentence-by-sentence, not paragraph-by-paragraph. This results in huge pauses between sentences, so listening to it is a torture.

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2. The best one is probably The problem is that it can't just open a file you have. It can only open fanfiction from

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1. There is no perfect app for me. Everything has its flaws and tradeoffs.
However, the perfect app is possible.

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After a week of trying every single TTS App I could find for Android, I come to the following conclusions:

I'm back at my laptop! I missed it, but I had my phone to keep me company.

I forgot my laptop's charger at the lab yesterday. No laptop for me on the weekend. Oh well.

I'm not sure if it's Text-To-Speech helping me read or I've just been reading really addictive stuff, but it feels like I've read more in the past week than in the previous 4 months.

I tried audiobooks some time ago, and while they increased my visualization by 500%, I felt uncomfortable without being able to quickly check text.

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For some reason, reading alongside it is so much easier! I much less frequently go back to reread something because I didn't understand it. It's easier to visualize scenes from fiction in my mind.

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I've discovered the wonderful world of Text-To-Speech!

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