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I'm always fascinated with interactive stories, but ultimately, I'm almost always disappointed in them

I've played some live roleplaying games a couple of days ago and started thinking about interactive stories again

Leechblock is amazing though. I haven't turned it off and I have just the ideal amount of "free time" and overrides so that it doesn't bother me when I have an actual reason to go to reddit, but it prevents me from wasting hours there

No more timelapses. Just as I was improving the technique.
They were useful, and maybe they will be in the future when I just need the extra push.
But now I work and don't record myself and I don't want the promise of timelapses to be this additional thing I have to keep in mind when I'm not wasting that much time

Me spreading hate on social media 

Me spreading hate on social media 

I thought my problems with following Peertube accounts was the old version of Peertube on those instances. I just checked - it's the latest one.
Now I'm lost. Why can't I see my videos from Peertube?

I've stopped posting timelapses
Time to bring them back!

Luckily, my "overnight" turned out to be "like 10 minutes"

When I was thinking about leaving the water model running overnight I didn't expect the cooler fan to be so loud I can't sleep

Okay, it seems the problems are a bit less than I expected? Or more. I'm not sure yet.
But they are solvable and I still feel pretty good in general, so I guess it's not that easy to break me!
(it's kind of easy to break me though, please don't break me)

Just as I started feeling better, new problems come into my life

Why do I make so many typos? ><
I missed the word "times".
I was editing 30x and "30 times" back and forth. Now it's stuck in the middle and you can't edit toots without losing the old ones

How do I write "recording of my screen 30 faster than real time"?

I don't remember if I meant to say "so much" or "too much"

Two hours.
It's not the best one, but I did it.
At this point I compress them so much that any text is basically unreadable, but still, this one contains some personal information so I don't want to post it.
It still made me return to work instead of sitting around watching youtube, so it keeps doing its job.

No timelapse and no work done today
I'll return in an hour

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