just throw it into the fuck it bucket

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weighing the protagonists and contagonists 🤔

welp found a new way to rot my teeth out. sour patch jelly beans

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In Oklahoma you are legally required to go to church, but they didn't say what church, so I go to worship the void at the church of depression.

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Do you guys ever just eat guacamole with a spoon

Happy 4/20, everyone. Make sure you make bad decisions.

Having had a pretty bad morning (I'm just fine, don't worry) and just staying home today, I really appreciate working remotely.

My only concern is that I wouldn't be able to get things done, since I need to be held accountable in order to do anything.

Guys if you just say random shit on the internet that makes no sense you eventually learn how to be social

come one come all and witness the amazing programmer without a brain

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Just remember the reason for the season
Why today is so important
Keep it in your hearts

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Today I had a class all day about clean code with a real developer and it's the first time I enjoyed school in two years

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Fediverse admins: If the womenarestupid.site person makes an account on your instance, *document everything* and send an abuse report to their web hosting provider:


And, you know, probably to their ISP as well.

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