Fediverse forecast for today, Thursday 26 March 2020: glitchy, with 20% chance of heavy lewd on main all day

If anyone tries to tell you rent forgiveness or rent strike is extreme or radical in these times just show them this:

U.S. Retailers Plan to Stop Paying Rent to Offset Virus Closures


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how many boosts can i get for me to post "THE TIME FOR SOCIALISM IS NOW!" on my facebook and let the boomers have at it

My IWW chapter has a solidarity fund to help workers who are facing hardship. If you can help, we can use it. If you can only share this, we can use that too.


hazel is here
hazel is queer
hazel is in fear

now for a fun thing: the animal crossing team knows about the doom crossover

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okay so not only Bethesda France hit me up with a playable copy of Doom Eternal early, they’re also lifting the stream embargo at 11am today.

I’m in classes, but expect a stream tonight!! Of a game that’s not out yet!!!!

I can't even get myself to do anything. I can't help myself. I've resigned myself to just spiraling directly into the void. And I don't want to stop it. I don't want to get better.

If it requires too much upkeep to get done or has a possibility of getting forgotten, it's gonna keep not getting done. We have automatic state changes installed in a couple of projects. Make it universal. Stop allowing exceptions that skip half the workflow of you don't want them to seem superfluous.

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Don't install automatic state changes to only one type of ticket and get me used to not having to deal with the state changes and then trip me the fuck up when that doesn't happen.

This is absolute torture for people with ADHD. It requires far too much upkeep.

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Don't have everything numbered in such a way that people refer to everything by their opaque IDs and I have to fucking look up what they are talking about every time.

Don't have a system optimized for one specific workflow and then try to cram every possible sequence of states into that rigid workflow.

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I fucking hate JIRA. But not because it's bad software, but because it's built for neuronormative people and my brain constantly grates against the workflows that make sense for them

Don't fucking make several "complete" states that I have to memorize how they work and then get on to me when I inevitably don't know what the difference between "Complete" and "Closed" is. Those mean the same goddamn thing in a ticketing system

So, there's this thing that happens when you have ADHD called emotional disregulation.

Basically, for the exact same reason you struggle to manage where your attention goes, you also struggle to manage where your emotions go.

This is why it's so easy to spiral out emotionally when you have ADHD, especially since people with ADHD receive orders of magnitude more negative feedback over the course of their lives than neurotypical people.

advanced adhd: opening reddit tabs then immediately closing them before they load

My goal is to OD on caffeine, who's with me

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