polycule with a bag of Takis and Hot Cheetos

themed firefox more so now everything is in uniform hhh
just wonder what everyone elses desktops look like

Updates: begging for financial help 

friends, periodic remember to put your pronouns in your bio! especially if you're cis!

as a trans person myself I will hesitate before following someone who otherwise seems cool if I don't see pronouns in the bio. putting them in there is a really simple way to show your support of trans people and let us know that you're cool- or at the very least making an effort- about trans issues.

Y'all making fun of the cyber truck but it's 400% my aesthetic

Too much coffee. Missed buproprion all weekend, super not feeling good at all

pokey mon 


#Bridge is one of the nicest people on here and more people should watch her streams

Good evening everyone

Playing some borderlands 1

#introduction time! Again!

Hi, I'm Molly, she / they pronouns.

I post about movies and drawings and cool trees I find outside. Whenever it's raining you can expect me to make at least one post about that too.

Nice to meet you all!

selfie, ec, boosts(+) 

adhd culture is crushing on whichever gay you have seen most recently

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