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Laserswald ✅

Hey, want to know a simple way you can #buylocal and support artists? Never buy another mass market greeting card again. I guarantee you there are starving artists from your state, maybe even your town, selling greeting cards on etsy which are MUCH cooler than Hallmark, for better prices. Most of them will even put together a custom variety pack for you on request! #supportyourlocalartist

Hello Mastodon! I'm a Canadian cartoonist who is very into sci-fi, aliens, and bright colours!

Check out my original work (and if you're into Star Wars But Gay, check out my fancomics) ✌🏾 ✨ 💖

So I really enjoy Lua and Moonscript.

The true failing of RSS is that you can't track people with it

Wait why did the plans fall apart again?

So we are definitely going to an arcade bar in Jacksonville

Stay tuned for updates

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Ah yes, the two operating systems

Oh hi everyone

I forgot this existed

This is why I don't have friends

Vanilla Minecraft prompts you to make way more architectural projects than modded stuff does. You have less small fiddly things, which means you make more cool paths and bridges and shit

I was a civil engineer in my previous life