I've joined this instance because I'm an ARPA member on the SDF. I also keep a few back-up identities on other instances too.

I'm curious about gopher, Mastodon, OSS, Linux, Emacs, Org-mode,
tabletop RPGs, philosophy, history, and programming. I'm known to
fiddle with Python on occasion.

If you want to chat, ping me!


My cup has '/usr/bin' on it, which is only funny if you know my name is Ben.

Hmmm. Absinthe is pretty interesting. It's like being drunk, but only one half of being drunk.

is garfield's full name Garfield Arbuckle

Wassup guys, Playsbyteriangamer here, back again with another video!

Did you kids ever hear about the original Call of Duty?

The first guy they Left 4 Dead?

Let me show you the original Steam 'library',

it's called, the Bible

Gonna try some absinthe tonight. Stay tuned for blasted lazr toots

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we were chatting with my Russian friend and she asked what "horny" meant and after we explained she said "in Russia we don't have "horny""

Holy crap, MIT/GNU Scheme supports R7RS. It's time to make something.

thank you everyone for coming here look at this though

I'm really enjoying Disenchantment. It's weird seeing matt groening do long form though

So really embracing my cast iron cookware atm. It's a fantastic cooking surface.

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