В твиттере я публикую всякую статистику по доте, но дотеров заинтересованных тут не особо есть, так что вот ещё одна фрактальная картинка.

А вообще я делал пост о том, как разбирался с фрактальными штучками и языком D

Вот тут сам пост и много картинок: log.ileamare.ru/2021/02/d.html

А тут английская версия есть ещё: leamare.medium.com/experiment-

Могу зато красивые фрактальные картинки постить

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Вообще мастодон - это конечно хорошо, и твиттер если заблокируют - будет где сидеть, все дела.

Но честно говоря (1) полноценной заменой в любом случае он не станет, мне лично для моих целей проще не отключать vpn.
(2) я не очень интересный человек, чтобы мне было что постить энивей, лел

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Всем ответившим спасибо! Вы только что поучаствовали в чём-то проклятом.

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Beforehand, I was thinking about making analysis and data store module as well as special format to store reaults before forming a report. These just saved me a lot of time. Good morning to me.

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The idea of the script is pretty simple: just collect data about matches and make reports about all of matches in the same league with heroes combinations stats, hero stats on various positions and so on. SQL and JSON were some kind of revelation to me in that case. I knew about th3m, I worked with them, I didn't realise that it were easiest and overall best solutions in this case.

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Haven't worked with SQL in like six years and used it in mh small project when I least expected it. When I was 5hinking of the best way to do my dota 2 league stats fetcher and report generator, I just suddenly came to idea that I won't need to do anything to get all the stats if I'll just store all match data in sql-based database since.

Just launched Tusky after a long time of not using Mastodon. It looks and feels way better now. Altho, I still don't really have anything to write here and anybody to follow.

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The newest update in Dota 2 brings solutions to bots, account boosting, smurfing and buying, toxic environment, intentional feeding abd ruining, parties in solo matchmaking and high divergence between solo and party ratings. Some people complain about RMM requiring phone number, but this update will make RMM much better, for sure. I'm satisfied.

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Played Orwell recently. Pretty good shit, can't stop playing it. I think I've already got to the last chapter, but I want to pause a little bit and think about my feelings about the game.

I want to post something here, but I don't actually have interesting thoughts and time to write anything, sadly.

Looked briefly over Ubuntu 17.04 changes and suddely wanted to upgrade my LTS system. Altho, I'm not using GNU/linux based OS as my main OS, so it will take a while anyway.

Russian makes more sense since I write a lot more in russian for my other blogs and publications. Altho, most people here won't understand me and it will be the end of the story. Maybe mixing both?

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I still don't know, should I use english or russian in my blog here

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Только что обратил внимание, что в Mastodon есть Украинский язык и toot звучит как ДМУХНУТИ! hex.bz/media/yJSNTqabZYGoLjm_Y

Just watched "Ghost in the Shell" movie and... Well, all the deep thoughts were dropped away, lore was reworked nearly at everything and... I'm not sure, is it really GitS. Altho, it's... Can't say it's very good, good or strong movie, but it's nice. Probably, these reworks are fine.

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