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CN economy 

Chinese real estate is in free fall.

Chinese real-estate developers are accepting wheat, garlic, and peaches as down payments for properties as the market slumps and bond defaults mount

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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Everyone needs to separate themselves from the big tech monopolies to the absolute greatest extent possible. That's the only path forward.

The more these companies abuse their power, the more we need to remove them from the source of that power.

Since at the end of the day, we are the source of that power, whether it's paid software or free software, paid services or free services.

Even if i'm not there, it's still here !

Can i ask what do the bottom words in english mean ? I think they are Tanzania's official moto but i'm not sure :

Ubaya hauna kwao mola nisitri na njama zao

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The world remembers.

"Almost 60 civil organisations, including unions, newspapers, political parties and humanitarian funds, have disbanded since the security law came into force."
"Many activists who used to apply to hold political gatherings worked for such organisations."
"Most are currently in jail or in detention."


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@dukethereal @yesfreenet Maybe that's why it's called "the VOICE of the EU in the Fediverse". Now we need to find their EAR 🙊 💨

Honestly, I find that a bit disappointing. And a waste of resources. If they just wanted to cross-post, why setting up an own instance? Maybe they didn't yet understand what the Fedi is about? Who will find their EAR and tell them?

To pass the turnstiles, you need to scan the qr code to prove your membership, from your memebership card and you need to pay with the contactless payment card.

So i think i fed my trip to the swimming pool to everybody on the app, to the health department, to the swimming pool company and the payment processing company.

All of this wearing a mask, of course.

But there are still covid cases everywhere... surely all this technology is not the appropriate answer.

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This morning I went to the swimming pool. First, to enter the sport complex, you need to scan the qr code for and scan another qr code to prove you are vaccinated 3 times. Then, to enter the swimming pool area, you need to scan the exact same things again, both the tracing and the vaccine proof. Now you reach the turnstiles to enter the swimming pool. 1/2

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If you are in a situation where the internet or mobile data goes down but you still want to communicate with friends and family, it's better to download these apps now than to get them off a stranger via bluetooth. Also, if you get them now, you can set up your contacts now.

In Hong Kong, police helpfully made available compromised bluetooth apps that they had keys to, which was nice of them. But it's better to be prepared and also to have your contacts you can trust.

#briar #ssb #manyverse

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Senators Lummis and Gillibrand put the text of their proposed crypto legislation on Github, and the first comment is from a person with a Pepe avatar writing "Taxation is theft! Eliminate the FED!!!"

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"Voyez comme ils sont pittoresques, ces députés RN. Regardez-les en rajouter sur le respect du décorum parlementaire. Rien à voir avec le débraillé d'un Ruffin."
@d_schneidermann observe l'attendrissement des télés pour les troupes de Marine Le Pen : arretsurimages.net/chroniques/

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Juste pour le plaisir, ce démontage en règle de l'escroquerie néolibérale est à voir et revoir, spécialement en période électorale...
🙏 @[email protected]

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Did you ever dream of:
- visualizing and cuting trackers?
- removing ads?
- faking your geolocation and IP address?

That's in our new "Advanced Privacy" module in /e/OS v1!

#deGoogled #smarpthones #privacy #mydataisMYdata #opensource

Learn more!

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Every conspiracy theorist and their mother warned you this would happen, and some of you still clamored for vaccine passports.

If you were one of those calling for vaccine passports, check yourself, and stay far away from public policy making.

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