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I've hit a tipping point with polarization, from politics to technology to every day life. I have no appetite for it anymore. I am so exhausted.

People become so willfully ignorant toward perspectives of those who disagree with them that they live in fantasy worlds that are incompatible with one-another.

I've done much reflection on my own behavior during this time. And I've changed from it. I intend to write about that a lot more in the future, especially with how it impacts my activism.

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Ces derniers temps, des vidéastes ont vu passer pas mal de messages du type "T'es pas content de Youtube ? Passe à PeerTube !". Ça ne nous met pas forcément à l'aise. Un de nos membres explique pourquoi.


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🤔 What's best for a new desktop computer with GNU/Linux nowadays? I'm looking for performances (CG arts/Krita), only Free/Libre drivers and around 1K€... Hard to find trusty infos... If you have advice/recommendations, pls lmk.👍

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If you search on without javascript, you are automagically redirected to , a dumbed down version for "old configurations". Only it doesn't work. Whatever you query doesn't yield any result.

So i searched for qwantlite on classic qwant (by re enabling javascript) and the link to from the qwant search works ! Nani ??

Added "&l=fr" to the url, and it works. Tried "&l=en" for my friends out there, but no luck. Only the french language seems accepted.

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OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.


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on violence and non-violence politics, short essay on the merits of "walkaway", and in specific, "walking away" from the violence of the system. Some spoilers from the book. longpost 

Cory Doctorow's Walkaway posits that the path towards a truly free world, that can cast off the chains of capitalism lies in disaffected populations "walking away" from capitalist society, rather than continuing to be made scapegoats and victims by it.

The book also posits that, although these people will be targeted by the remnants of capitalist society, and subjected to great inhumanities, that the morally superior position is to "walk away" from their inhumanities, and in so doing, demonstrate to those left within the system its own injustice.

I think there's some value in this proposition. The idea that people will be drawn away from their allegiance to capitalist society when shown the worst of its abuses towards people.

I also think that, given what we've seen the past few years, it's also naive and idealistic. Because people raised in that system, wholly submerged in it, sometimes can't be made to give a shit about anyone other than themselves. It's idealistic in its view that the propaganda of the walkaways, of the demonstration of injustice and cruelty of the system would be able to hold sway in the face of state propaganda.

And then there's the matter of what it means to be someone who serves as a demonstration of cruelty? Who are they to those that are left after a city of free people is bombed?

Cory Doctorow poses the answer to this question to be something along the lines of "you will serve to further demonstrate the injustice of the system, and may eventually find your justice in post-capitalist android immortality."

I think that's a really cool idea. I also don't think that's how consciousness works. It implies that there is such thing as a soul, and that it can be meaningfully retrieved after someone's death.

I will not be cattle. Herded about by the whims of the capitalist system. I won't be Limpopo, who, in the book, has her home burned to the ground by a middle class mob, and then when she tries to rebuild, runs for her life from harassing police drones.

The only point in the book that sees any actual confrontation is when, near the completion of capitalist collapse, the capitalists conduct a siege, and the defenders use drones pumping pleas from the police's family to get the police to Walk Away.

I don't think that's how things will go down.

Here's what I think will happen: Capitalism will further and further tighten its stranglehold on all life on the planet, even as the planet itself is dying. And anyone who dares step outside of the bounds of capitalism will be hunted relentlessly. There is no solace in getting far enough away. There will be no "away" to walk to. The book even explores this, but reassures the reader that in the end, it will have been worth it to commit to that nonviolence.

I will not be herded like cattle. I won't be hunted like foxes on an english estate. I won't run away from my life, over and over, because of some moral imperative to make outcasts sympathetic to people who continue to live bound by society's chains. I don't think that a life lived as a scared field rat, continually hunted by the hounds of capitalism, is even a life worth living.

We can live more free than we've ever been. We can escape the chains of the system. But we can't do it alone. We need each other. We need each other's knowledge. We need each other's sympathy and love. We need each other's protection.

I'm not saying the answer is to never run or "walk away."

I'm saying that that's not the only option left to us.

Given a choice between a lifetime imprisoned by the system, whether literal or figurative, I choose the alternative. There's always an alternative. Sometimes that means fighting for it.

So far, I have only written my thoughts on the merits of nonviolence as presented in Cory Doctorow's book, of "walking away," but there are also the strategic merits to consider, within the context of the society that we live in.

There is a particular myth that is taught widely, especially in the united states, of nonviolence as the only legitimate form of protest. That Martin Luther King Jr was good because he was nonviolent, and that Malcolm X was bad because he advocated getting armed and confronting the injustices of the system directly. That Gandhi was the best political activist who ever lived.

However, this is not the reality of change within the system. Throughout the history of the united states, change, real material change, has never come about from a widespread campaign of nonviolence, but rather from widespread riots when the nonviolent campaign fails, and is suppressed by the system at large. Change comes when the oppressed people finally see through the lie, and determine the reality of change: that it only comes about when the money the system is losing outweighs the benefit of keeping them suppressed.

Nonviolence is bullshit. No, I don't think the solution is for everyone to pick up a weapon and march to the front lines. I'm not going to be doing that. I'm not suited to fighting injustice directly. That's okay. Developing skills and support strategies is just as integral to the fight as anything done at the front lines of an action.

We all need to answer for ourselves what our limits are. What we can do for ourselves and each other. Our action can only be meaningful if we decide it for ourselves.

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So, from what I can gather without wasting the rest of my day digging further:

1. The Taipei Trade Office on Fiji celebrated the October 10th ROC national day and served a cake with the ROC flag on it.
2. Chinese officials found this offensive, so they crashed the party and had a fistfight.
3. This was not a diplomatic incident because Taiwan is not a country so by definition it can't have diplomats.
4. Fiji should launch an investigation into what these private Chinese individuals from the Chinese island of Taiwan did wrong according to the Chinese viewpoint.
5. Fiji is not upholding the One China Principle because it allowed these private Chinese individuals to eat a cake that had a fake flag on it on a fake national holiday.

You're coming off real strong and confident, China. Real political superpower energy.
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@deutrino how about this one? qubes-os.org/ everything runs as a VM, some VMs run through Tor, some VMs are ephemeral and all the data is wiped after each use

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Request to compassionate hackers/Win10 users only 

Bypassing a Windows 10 password is extremely simple to do, and the only thing I will need is a USB or DVD with a Windows 10 setup disc burned to it.
My husband died 2020-10-09 (Death Cert scan available on request) and I haven't shut off his PC for fear he actually has a password that isn't one of the two I know of.
if you'd supply me a Windows USB or DVD or even an FTP site with an .iso that'd be great!

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Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up 400%


"Mozilla is in an absolute state: high overheads, falling usage of Firefox, questionable sources of revenue and now making big cuts to engineering as their income falls."

This article is from a month ago, worth reading.


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Ladies and gentlemen, the creative director of Google Stadia:

He thinks that "the streamers should be paying the developers and publishers of the games they stream. They should be buying a license like any real business and paying for the content they use."


A lot of streamers can make or break (mostly likely make) a game success, more than critics. Especially for smaller gamedevs.

I seriously don't know what to think about this thought...

Just boycott Stadia. It's a DRMgate anyway.

(Re) discovered today the shell:recent location in windows 10. Very useful when you're jumping around config folders with huge file trees.

Ideally you should be able to pin this list somewhere near the taskbar...

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@erosdiscordia sure. Cyberpunk creates this weird thing where people *obviously* hate the particular oppressive dystopia, but want to be cyberpunk heroes.

To be a cyberpunk hero one needs a cyberpunk oppressive dystopia to fight against. Romanticizing the hero romanticizes the oppression they fight against.

But we should not look forward to fighting dystopias once they happen, we should stop them from happening in the first place.

We need to be steeped in #solarpunk instead of #cyberpunk.

Do you use your android phone's stock alarm app ? If not, which one would you recommend ?

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@lapis @JordiGH One knuckle for white rice, two knuckles for brown.

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