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You have some youtube video to link to? Replace youtube.com or youtu.be with farside.link/invidious, e.g. farside.link/invidious/watch?v… and it'll take you to that video on a working Invidious instance.

That's great! twitit.gq solved this for nitter, but for e.g. invidious there's otherwise only redirect.invidious.io/ and it doesn't bring you directly to an instance, it provides a page of links to instances for you to click.
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Admit it, a lot of the people you follow, you follow because of their boosts. But if you like a boost, it goes to the OP. There's no easy way to tell the person you follow how you appreciate them bringing something to everyone's attention.

I want an extra favorite button. Make it easy to say thank you.

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Je (re)lis des trucs sur les mathématiques japonaises de l'ère Edo (~1600-1850), qui sont assez spécifiques (elles portent même un nom, wasan) car alors le Japon a vécu une période d'isolement assez poussée (voulue par les gouvernements de cette période), encore + que l'isolement apporté par le fait que ça soit un archipel éloigné du reste.

C'est donc une longue période où les mathématiques ont pu se développer de manière indépendante de leurs voisins chinois et coréens, ou des mathématiques européennes. Donc forcément ça apporte un regard intéressant sur "d'autres mathématiques" que les mathématiques européennes qui sont aujourd'hui les mathématiques "mondiales", en partie pour de bonnes raisons (leur efficacité et généralité) et en partie pour de mauvaises raisons (colonialisme, impérialisme...).

Ce qui est frappant je trouve, surtout quand on est en 2022 et avec des maths bien plus développées, c'est de voir comment les notations elles-mêmes façonnent la pensée.


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China’s Surveillance State Will Test The West

Digital surveillance could allow China’s leaders to succeed where previous authoritarian regimes have failed.


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What can a person do about forgetfulness? Any advice is welcome.

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"Don't start with microservices in production – monoliths are your friend": arnoldgalovics.com/microservic

Monolith & microservices can have their places. Microservices should grow out of a monolith. The monolith grows until there is a clear bounded context that can be carved off.

So don't start writing monoliths because its "easy" or stop using microservices because its "hard", because none of that is true in the long run.

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Si ça peut intéresser : il est visiblement possible d'avoir légalement accès à toute la presse française pour 1,5 €/mois via la BNF. (Ça inclue même Médiapart)

Je vous partage pour ceux que ça pourrait intéresser :

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#art #censure #politique
Encore un exemple du rôle politique de la technologie. La capacité du numérique à la reproduction massive joue un rôle dans la lutte contre la censure.

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Le rappeur Booba s'est fait ban son compte twitter suite au partage de cette vidéo de @caissesdegreve sur les fake news du gouvernement.
Apparemment cette vidéo dérange, partageons là en masse !


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A lot can be said about moxie's web3 post.

I'd like to consider just one sentence here.

"People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will."

First part is true. But why?

Even my grandma can install android apps. Apps have become so easy because big tech pushed for it to be. Big tech never developed the concept of set-top box-like homeservers, not in their interest. If pushed like apps, homeservers would be easy too!

People don't want to? They never were given a proper chance to!

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This is how Walmart envisions Shopping in the Metaverse.

Welcome to the Matrix ?
You tell me

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Just saw a bullshit headline claiming Disney lost $600M on the Black Widow film due to piracy. The BS napkin math on this is that it was downloaded 20 million times. Then the article declared that each download is somehow a lost Disney+ subscription with $30.

This is obviously ridiculous logic. There's no evidence that a pirated show would have been purchased if not downloaded, let alone that a platform subscription would have happened. Nor do we even know that 20 million downloads represents 20 million individuals.

This isn't a matter of technical ignorance. These facts aren't hard to understand. They're intentionally misrepresented to benefit rich companies that want penalty payments in lawsuits. What utter hogwash.

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Just realised my kid's old preschool teacher perfectly summarised the Stoic philosophy in one sentence:

You get what you get and you don't get upset.

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YOU ARE BLOCKED from donating to #Mozilla.

The problem with Mozilla's decision to use the third-party service, #BitPay is that BitPay is #Cloudflare – in fact a staggering 80% of #bitcoin sites are!


Use my BCMA addon to detect controlled sites.

Try to #donate bitcoin to Mozilla, sans Cloudflare #surveillance and let's make #Firefox great, without the maligned influence of #BigTech!

- - -

Join the resistance to #StopCrimeflare. Follow me and I'll follow you, alerting you when a site controlled by Cloudflare (or GAFAM) is shared by you.

#censorship #censorshipResistance #blocked #lightningNetwork #bitcoinExchanges #banking ~ by [scrubbed]@activism.openworlds.info

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The poll to end all polls.

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