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I published #UntrackMe 1.11.0

You can follow this bot that toots about new releases: @UntrackMe

You will get direct download links to apks built from sources (lite and full versions).

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I don't do phones, so I need a phone person.

What's the proper way to make a website bearable on a vertical phone?

Default text on my phone browser is microscopic, and I end up literally re-defining everything in CSS just so these dumb ol' phone people will be happy.

If I, for example, set all my fonts to:
it works and is viewable, but on a desktop browser it is unzoomable, which is bad, bad, bad.

#CSS #web #webdesign

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Salut à tous 😎
Je débarque ici pour voir autre chose que sur TB, Twitter et cie...
Hâte d'échanger avec vous !

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#Forget¹, c’est un chouette projet qui permet d’effacer automatiquement ses vieux pouets 🙂

Bon, c’est long quand on a de l’historique mais ça se fait tout seul 😊

Plus de 12 000 pouets déjà effacés pour ma part 😁

¹ github.com/codl/forget/

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@flootist @andrej

I've seen a few people on here from SE and South Asia who have an interest in nature/environment, but I suspect they currently have to prioritise getting the same level of freedom those in Europe have to be able to openly admit to being activists - there's also a risk that the current socially conservative and religious dominated govts co-opt environmentalism for their own ends (as folk /are/ worried about climate change, they are at the sharp end of it)

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Dis voir Mastodon : j'ai un peu d'argent de côté et je trouve qu'il serait mieux dans de l'épargne solidaire que sur un livret A qui n'enrichit que ma banque.

Tous les conseils sont les bienvenus !

#épargne #ÉpargneSolidaire

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poking at pi-hole. 31% (!) of all DNS requests from my home network are blacklisted.

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This Friday 29th, from 1200 UTC to 2000 UTC, we will teach you how to run a Tor bridge and answer questions about our anti-censorship technology.

Bridges are useful for Tor users living in oppressive regimes, and for people who want an extra layer of security because they're worried somebody will recognize that they are contacting a public Tor relay IP address.

The event will happen via text (not video or audio) on IRC.

More info:

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China is poised to crack down on Hong Kong's democracy movement. nytimes.com/2020/05/28/world/a We welcome the tens of thousands of Hong Kongers who have joined ProtonVPN and @protonmail to protect their privacy. We're proud to #StandwithHK protonvpn.com/blog/hong-kong-s

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As of Friday, ProtonVPN was the 3rd most downloaded app in the App Store in #HongKong and usage spiked 1400%. We stand with the people of Hong Kong and will continue to defend their right to privacy and peaceful protest. Read more about this story: protonvpn.com/blog/hong-kong-s

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What is happening in #HongKong is a travesty. #China is physically attacking people and working to undermine #privacy in order to quell their voices - and ultimately spy on the Internet in a worldwide financial and social hub.

Please reach out to your political representative to voice your support for human rights and privacy.

Consider speaking out on all of your social media channels.

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"It’s not just Ebay scanning your ports, there is allegedly a network of 30,000 websites out there all working for the common aim of harvesting open ports, collecting IP addresses, and User Agents in an attempt to track users all across the web. "

Excellent investigating: blog.nem.ec/2020/05/24/ebay-po

Invading your computer and privacy with security through obfuscation to "prevent fraud".

All this does is collect and store more personal data without consent so it can be breached one day.


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#Urgent ! Chères lectrices et chers lecteurs, coronavirus + faillite de notre distributeur = pas de futur #VirusInfo 44. Sauf si 1. vous partagez ce message et 2. vous nous soutenez notamment en le précommandant sur fr.ulule.com/le-44e-virus-info (le numéro sera sous licence libre).

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SourceHut donated €1,000 to PeerTube for their v3 efforts, you can help too:


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Peertube has launched a campaign for Peertube V3!


Please consider to donate so they can ship this release, with new features (like livestreaming!!)

#peertube #fediverse

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🐧 New version: 1.14.12 (Maintenance)
🎮 Title: The Battle for Wesnoth
✏️ Changelog: forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.p
🐘 An info from (HOLaRSE): mastodon.social/@holarse/10421

📕 Summary: A libre TBS game with a high fantasy theme
🏠 HomePage: wesnoth.org
🔧 Dev: github.com/wesnoth
📖 Our entry: lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily
🎬 Video: youtu.be/xDDKImYOIvA
🔖 #Linux #freeGame

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