used this search string and compared results from 's searx and :

razer keyboard review

Mojeek won me as they suggested relevant and diverse websites about reviews and mechanical keyboards. Not the ign, windowscentral or rtings propaganda spit by google and bing on the other websites...

Still feel sad for . I want to love you guys so much (cocorico) but you're making it impossible !

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@lefarfadet @Mojeek A lot of people are suggesting you change your algorithm to prioritise “popular websites” or something, but I don't think you should; that'd destroy the value of your search engine in my eyes.

Yes i agree, it's good to have mojeek around for alternate search results.

@lefarfadet Don't waste any tears on Qwant - they're just another goog/bing proxy like most of the rest. Except mojeek and a very few others.

Yes agreed. For once, the french had a chance at making a difference ... but no. From what I understand, greed of the higher ups combined with tunnel vision lead to qwant stopping working on their own crawler. They have qwant junior, shopping and other useless categories but no crawler...

@lefarfadet Thanks - didn't know that bit of history.
So, really, there's just mojeek and swisscows?

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