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En Inde et au Pakistan, la température atteint le seuil fatal à l’homme | Le HuffPost

> Les canicules en Asie risquent de tuer des millions de personnes, alors que le seuil maximal de chaleur humide que l'homme peut supporter est largement dépassé.

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I'm currently working on a basic interpreted programming language to have fun programming in C.
Here is the link:

Développeurs développeuses, nettoyons le web de tous ces trackers ✊

Interesting the sorts of events that drive people back to Mastodon. The biggest struggle I've found is that critical tipping point where people engage enough to make the experience worthwhile. Curation takes a lot of time and effort!

It would be great if the enthusiasm for the fediverse would continue in the future! I'm trying my self to stay.


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