Due to rain we are going to have to cancel our outreach event! We are RESCHEDULING it for SUNDAY at 7pm!

Check out this cognitive dissonance: People on a mission to kill animals (fishes) see an animal (a turtle) and free it. twitter.com/NBCPhiladelphia/st

Curd is the coagulated breast milk of a grieving mother whose baby was stolen and killed immediately after birth. Cows do not deserve to suffer this way. twitter.com/cowandthecurd/stat

Thanks to everyone who came out today, Angela and Coretta are having their first night of peaceful rest.

Join us TOMORROW for a whole day of activism for the animals, featuring over 12 different animal rights and vegan groups!! Go to pd4a.liberationphilly.org:443/  for more info!! See you there!!

Thank you to everyone for donating to give the medical care to June that he, and all non-human animals, deserve. June will forever be in our thoughts and we will continue to fight for justice for him.

Because of everyone’s love and donations, June had a fighting chance for his life - something that none of the other victims of the truck crash got.

This Thursday evening, after Philadelphia Day for Animals, please join us in Rittenhouse Square to honor June.

EMERGENCY VIGIL TONIGHT: To honor June, and every other victim of Perdue and animal agriculture, we demand they take accountability.

Please join us at Perdue Farms: 255 N Rehoboth Blvd, Milford, DE 19963

We are very sad to announce that after 36 hours of fighting for his life, June passed away during surgery yesterday. June's injuries were more severe than we could have imagined. There was nothing the vets could have done.

June was found this afternoon in the aftermath of a tractor trailer crash in Delaware. She was hidden in the thorns until activists found her and took her to the vet hospital. She is in critical condition but we believe she will make it through the night. @6abc

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