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fondly remembering the time I got reported #onhere for the following two word toot 

read Lenin

Thanksgiving went well. Was awesome to talk to my extended family. But now no one in my immediately family is talking to me lol

Why share news/articles without any of your own commentary? Like yeah I check out HN every now and then too, I don't need to see it twice.

someone explain to me in a few sentences why systemd bad

Its a really bad idea to try and redpill anyone in your family over the age of 30

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a biopic about Slavoj Žižek, starring Mark Hamill

The internet and social media is eroding the barrier between personal and public life. I wonder what this would look like taken to its logical extreme. Like a hivemind or something.

Im beyond tinfoil hat. im at tinfoil condom

I can't use a "privacy centered" platform that has a particularly ideologically oriented target demographic. Just feels like a honeypot.

ah yes, model trains. the first autism.

asian nationalism is getting a bowl cut for no reason

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