KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.


Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!


@kde Pretty awesome to see a device like this from a major player in the gaming space.

Looks like they might be putting more focus into Proton playing nicely with anti-cheat too. Regardless of how you feel about it, that's a pretty big deal for and KDE Plasma!

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@lintyjuggler90 @kde I feel like Proton ain't quite ready for mass consumption, but I'm excited to see how they'll improve things for the general customers. First, a "proton argument builder" would be the step one for such an handheld. Imagine just entering all the program launch arguments manually
And second, having Protondb built in, along with users custom arguments easily selectable
Just those two simple things would make it infinitely more usable

@coolboymew @lintyjuggler90 @kde may not be quite ready now, but i’m gonna wait till the steam deck releases before i make and judgements about that.

@Locksmith @kde @lintyjuggler90 Well, I mean, I'm using proton on steam on my distro, so
I know these features are missing

@coolboymew @Locksmith Not sure what your point is. It's user dependent and as long as Steam doesn't rip away launch options, it's not going to make that much difference to a user that isn't going to dig into what they do anyway.

As far as launch options go, I've rarely had to use them to get a game working. However, I have had to change Proton version for some.

Nice to have? Sure! Necessary to release a product like this. Nope!

@lintyjuggler90 @Locksmith I've had to, more than several times
You're forgetting that the average customer is a clueless moron. What do you think will be the overall reaction will be when a bunch of games in someone's library doesn't work? Do you think the layman knows to check protondb for clues? Or to check the proton github for launch arguments? Even the most "very on the Internet" kind of gamers will be turned off by this, by the fact that they will have to fine tune some games to make them working, or get the Glorious Eggroll branch of proton for better compatibility on some games

@coolboymew @Locksmith I wouldn't say the "average" user is quite that clueless, especially for the target audience of this product.

Again, would those be nice to have? Yes! Is there going to be a little bit of a learning curve for some? Most likely.

If we wait for Proton to be "ready for mass consumption", it will be a while. It's very functional with a large portion of the Steam library and only getting better with time.

I'm sure Valve has some tricks coming to address some of those things.

@lintyjuggler90 @Locksmith I dunno. The thing is that you also must not underestimate people's laziness. Some people switch to digital on console for the sole reason of not switching games with all of the inconvenience the format comes with. That's hella lazy when Amazon can just deliver your game at home

The thing is that there's a lot of people who will be in a bad surprise here, or will have to install Windows on the thing and then realize they need to shell out for a license

As for Proton being ready for Mass Consumption, I actually estimate 10 more years of work for it to be golden
@lintyjuggler90 @kde @coolboymew yeah but they already said the version they are using a different one internally which is more capable than the current version.
@Locksmith @kde @lintyjuggler90 yeah, I checked it earlier. I'm somewhat skeptical, but Valve is rather trustable. I guess we'll have to see
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