A box has arrived. Could this be the elusive graphics card?

A GPU appears! It will be installed tonight. Going to be a pretty big jump from the GTX 960 4GB to a 1660 Ti.

@amerika ruh roh. Looks like we might have a problem. I'll have to make sure I open it remotely in a secure area.


I went back and watched the Scooby-Doo cartoons a few years ago and was amazed at how bad they were, but also how imaginative they were. Sure were badass when we were kids anyway.

But in all seriousness: mercury switch = responds to tilt. So long as you keep one of those level, no kaboom, and if you clamp it and cut from the bottom, free Semtex.

@amerika Yeah. They at least kept our attention and entertained as kids.

Good to know. Pretty sure the delivery driver would have already set it off if that was the case. He placed it on its side at the door. I think I might be safe.

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