Soldering mission 1 complete.

Desoldered two joystick modules from a dead XBox controller and used one to replace a stick with drift.

This one makes controller 6 out of 10 saved from the dump in a fall pallet shopping spree. All of them needed repairs and no parts have been purchased.

Should be able to repair one more with drift.

Solder job isn't the greatest, but first one in quite a while so I'm rusty. Papa Rossmann has been keeping me up to speed though.

A GPU appears! It will be installed tonight. Going to be a pretty big jump from the GTX 960 4GB to a 1660 Ti.

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Before going on Thanksgiving vacation, I got myself a present. Been after a desk mat for a while and this one fits the bill nicely.

Plus I get to support a creator I enjoy. It's served me well and fits perfectly. Thanks JayzTwoCents!

Went on vacation for Thanksgiving and ended up coming home with ten "broken" XBox controllers of various models for cheap (less than one new). Decided to repair or using them as parts.

Two have been fully repaired and two are in the midst of some redneck engineering. Two seem to be completely dead.

All said and done, I might have six functional controllers out of this lot, plus my existing two. Might have to see if I can flip a few and come out in the black including repair costs.

My daughter and wife got me a mug and hat for Father's Day. I'm just happy to have a loving family.

Now that I have a hat, I won't get quite as sun burned when I'm doing work outside.

I've been taking my time playing through Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to explore the world, especially since my daughter loves it.

I have finally finished it after 120+ hours.

Thoroughly enjoyed every moment and my daughter already wants to play through it again, which I will gladly oblige. Next round will be on Master Mode.

This is the face of a happy and relieved individual that just passed the Linux+ cert first try. Scored 855 out of 900. (Passing is 720)

Now on to getting final prep done for the baby and using that time I was studying to pursue other endeavors. Maybe I'll get back to some content creation again.

After the first of several practice tests, I scored an adjusted 486/553 (87.9%). The score was only adjusted because of two questions that were actually correct according to their key, but marked incorrect and three others that didn't include the actual answer in the options.

Most of the questions I got wrong on this one I definitely need a bit more study on to solidify the content, and a few were just silly mistakes on my part.

I feel I'm just about ready for this test.

Today is special. It's day!

is one of my favorite characters in video game history. I grew up with him and had the privilege of meeting Charles Martinet at SC Comicon 2 years ago.

Now I have the privilege of sharing Mario with my daughter and I'm thankful that she loves him as much as I do.

It's (most importantly) the of 9 amazing years married to Mrs Llinty . It's been a wild ride and here's to many more!

Took a break from some of the book study to work on some projects that were related to it.

Spent some time re-organizing media to make better use of the NAS that is now running like a champ and better utilize it for storage with my RPi media server. I'm happy to say it was a relatively painless config swap, but some media will take a bit of time to copy before I fully switch over.

My inner child was happy when I got these running. Pretty simple and painless thanks to DOSBox working on quite well. Might be revisiting some childhood games again.

That moment you forgot how good the soundtrack is and it pops up in your shuffle during work.
Time put the OSTs on repeat!

While everyone is worried about the current state of entertainment, I'm going back and playing Zelda II. Nothing like a blast from the past and some real challenge.

Finished writing some extensive Pester tests to verify our database API. Now to work on some optimization before release. (Yes, it's a photo. Can't login to social media on the work computer)

Caulk removed, surfaces cleaned, and now just letting it dry out a little bit before moving on to the caulking. Hopefully this fixes the water leaking into the basement.

Welcome to the world Vallan Flatfoot. Vallan still needs a little bit of fleshing out in background, but he's mostly complete. Vallan will be joining a party that defeated the Thessalhydra (Stranger Things one-shot).

See how I created him here:


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