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I just created on secondary account on Pleroma, at @lmintmate . I will be using it for longposts, as I've had trouble struggling with the 500 word limit on here. I will boost everything from there with this account, so that anyone interested won't have to follow that one too.

Hao Jingfang, nรฉe le 27 juillet 1984 ร  Tianjin, est une essayiste et auteure de science-fiction chinoise.

Rant: I discovered that I cannot edit wikipedia (which I wanted to do, in order to fix a link that didn't work in e.g this page:, since I found where its content moved), because apparently someone from my general IP address range did some "Disruptive editing". Way to go, punishing people who genuinely want to help just because someone in their general geographic area did something reprehensible!

Mario could fully submerge in the New Donk City rooftop pool in the E3 2017 version of Super Mario Odyssey (left), prompting journalists to show Mario drowning in it (middle). Possibly in response, in the release version, the pool was made too shallow for Mario to drown (right).

I found it at a garage sale for almost nothing and made it works. #GeekyThingsAboutMe

์ฒญ๊ณ„์ฒœ: An artificial stream in Seoul that was reconstructed a few years ago after being filled to construct a highway

Les profs ร  chaque rentrรฉe :

" Je veux un cahier 25x31,3 de 125 pages grands carreaux sans marge avec une couverture en polypropylรจne violette avec une licorne, dont le papier a รฉtรฉ fabriquรฉ par des moines tibรฉtains en phase de lune descendante."

Le mรชme cahier ร  la fin de l'annรฉe: 5 pages utilisรฉes.

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