@DavitMasia I don't know, I find this format to be backwards. I mean I remember what year it is (only time travellers wouldn't!) and same with the month. It is the day I might forget. Having to adopt yyyy-mm-dd just because Americans apparently forget the month more than the day (what's the deal with their mm-dd-yyyy otherwise?) is just unfair to say the least. So why use yyyy etc, except to be sure of being understood by American-made computers?

@lmintmate @DavitMasia

To have the date order match the "alphabetical" one ?


@Nocta @DavitMasia (Sorry for not replying earlier, it was night in my timezone) What do you mean "alphabetical" date order? Maybe what this guy said (cybre.space/@rick_777/10062481), that sorting alphabetically also sorts by date? If so, I still don't see the point since I can always sort by last modified date.

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