Rant: I discovered that I cannot edit wikipedia (which I wanted to do, in order to fix a link that didn't work in e.g this page: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Myst, since I found where its content moved), because apparently someone from my general IP address range did some "Disruptive editing". Way to go, punishing people who genuinely want to help just because someone in their general geographic area did something reprehensible!

How I see the situation with my current DE vs this DE I'm salivating at the thought of (well, not literally but you get the point).

Signed by '89 (timknauf.itch.io/signed-by-89): A mini music management game made in PICO-8. Plot: The rumour races through Petra's town: a Fony Music rep will visit at the close of 1988, handing out a record deal to a band with 200+ fans. Meanwhile, if Johnny doesn't "shape up", his dad's gonna send him to military school. So Petra's getting the band back together... The aim is to get 200+ fans and the deal, which will save Johnny at the same time.

Announcing PlayStation Classicโ€™s full line-up of 20 games: blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/1.
I have to admit, I hadn't heard of many of these games, but I don't think their inclusion instead of the usual suspects (e.g. Crash Bandicoot) is a bad thing. If anything, I think it's interesting that this console that will draw mainstream attention showcases less known games...

Playstation Classic (similar to nes/snes classic but for PS1) in on the way, coming the 3rd of December. blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/0
I'm so hyped!!! ๐Ÿคฉ
P.S I never tried emulating the PS1 on my pc (was afraid the system requirements would be too high) and only managed to try some PS1 games on my PSP, but nothing much. This system thus looks very promising. Hope they won't run out of copies just after launch or something!

Just found this ascii art of Dennis Ritchie (originally found on sanderfocus.nl/#/portfolio/tec). It has been converted to shell so it can be displayed on a terminal - the script can be found at github.com/LukeSmithxyz/voidri.
(Note: I found all this in the first place from this video about bash scripts: youtube.com/watch?v=YOpeXETS2z)

I just made a diagram to make clearer to myself the relationships between the various parts of Fediverse, based on the info of fediverse.party. The end result isn't all that clear in terms on presentation admittedly, but the arrows and the color coding help greatly. The diagram can be also seen and exported to other formats at frama.link/fediverse-relations

I recently found a great series of videos about underrated games, the history around them and their gameplay: Rerez Game Club (youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzx). Highly recommended.

for today: The Adventures of Prince Ivan (darkeroticagames.blogspot.com/ - don't mind the url, the game's PG). It's a visual novel about a smartass impulsive prince who goes off to find who stole the golden apples from the garden of his father, the czar. He meets a snarky princess and gets into a lot of adventures and danger. The game has 4 endings.

for today: The viking guardsman (adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site): A short (15 minutes tops) but fun point-n-click. You play as a buffoon viking guard to whom the empress gives the task to unravel a possible plot against her. Quirky
dialogues ensue.

for today: Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (nomnomnami.itch.io/syrup-and-t). This is a rather sweet (no pun intended) visual novel. It's about a candy alchemist, Syrup, who one day finds a candy golem in her basement workshop, and wants to find out where she came from and who made her. The game is cross-platform and has 10 endings.

for today: Superluminal Vagrant Twin (pacian.itch.io/superluminal-va): A modern text adventure about a vagrant spaceship owner trying to repay a huge loan he got from a dangerous loanshark who holds his twin hostage as guarantee. Rather open-ended (except the aim), including various adventures and part-time job-like missions alike. Can be played online, in the browser, or using the gblorb file with an Inform format player, such as Gargoyle (github.com/garglk/garglk).

for today: Sage Fusion (kidalang.itch.io/sage-fusion). A young businessman and his bodyguard visiting the planet of Capistad, where the fanatical church wants to stage a coup. The two men are about to be caught up in the conflict. This is a mix of visual novel, point-n-click, and rpg-ish battle mechanics, and is quite fun to play.

I'm looking for the last couple days at (which I found through ), as it looks rather promising for use as an alt/backup account. It has a word limit of 5000 words instead of 500, which is good, as I reached the word limit here at least a couple times and dislike having to erase words in order to have my post fit. It also is very customisable e.g. in terms of colors, as it even allows for input of any color in hex. I haven't decided on an instance yet though...

Mastodon.social is closed to registrations right now, as others in my feed have posted. I went there to see for myself, and saw the message in the image.
I thought mastodon instances were created equal though? :blob_confused: I wonder: Why are people being directed by the so-called "flagship instance" to a particular instance, instead of being allowed to choose for themselves, by being linked to an instance list?

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