Autre point : pourquoi je ne fais pas de filtrage d'instance : parce que ce n'est pas à l'admin de décider qui doit parler avec qui.

Enfermer les utilisatrices et les utilisateurs dans une "bulle du bonheur", ce n'est pas son rôle, et cela va même à l'encontre même du principe de décentralisation et de fédération.

Une instance joyeuse où tout le monde est gentil ne peut fonctionner que si elle ne fédère pas.
Ce sont aux utilisateurs et utilisatrices de décider des interactions (converser, sliencer, bloquer) avec les autres personnes. Sinon, c'est une dictature, où l'admin est devenu (ou devenue) « Calife à la place du Calife », et censure les conversations, sous différents prétextes.

Les règles de modération s'appliquent à sa propre instance, en cas de violation de règles établies. Un signalement en cas d'abus peut être faite vers l'équipe de modération de l'instance concernée, si c'est vraiment justifié (le ouin ouin il est méchant parce que ....... n'est pas une justification).

Alors, oui, je bloque des comptes et en masque d'autres, suite à des désaccords ou prises de tête, mais ce blocage est au niveau de mon compte utilisateur. L'admin étant un compte complètement séparé et isolé n'intervient pas ici, sauf en cas de signalements d'abus. Dans ce cas, c'est un rappel à l'ordre de la personne ayant causé un tort, suivie ou non de sanctions.

Je suis libre de discuter avec n'importe qui, de n'importe quelle instance, sans "filtre de bonheur" ni censure, ce qui est le but de la fédération d'instance.

Je suis également libre de bloquer n'importe qui, sans que cela impacte les autres personnes présentes sur mon instance.

Tout ceci étant mon avis et mes convictions.

Je terminerai avec une citation de LDN (je n'en connais pas l'origine, désolé) :
« Technique sans politique n'est que renforcement des nuisants. »

Hello læ fédiverse ! Avec @Lapineige
on cherche à créer un site d'entrée sur le fédiverse qui expliquerait ce que c'est que la fédération, pourquoi c'est chouette et quelle type de plateforme on peut y trouver, à destination des personnes peu à l'aise avec la technique / informatique :neko_smiley:

Mais pour ça, on a besoin de savoir ce qui motive à s'inscrire sur un nouveau réseau social !

Si vous êtes concernées, par ici ! ⬇️

Sinon #BoostAppréciés 🔁 :blobcheerbounce:


Thanks for the mini Linux Distro post! I kinda forgot about Enlightenment and you made me all wistful...

Due to the recent discussions about Tusky merging their Gab ban, I'm reposting my series "Imagine if _all_ applications were developed the same way as Fedi apps" with slightly improved screenshots and a new one.

Also, I'd like to clarify my stance on this matter since people thought I'd support Gab or that I'd make inaccurate comparisons.

My motivation for posting these screenshots is that I think blocks like this don't belong in software that is completely detached from the stuff it displays.
Kinds of software that belong in this category are web browsers, email clients, music players, text editors, and also Fedi apps such as Tusky or Fedilab. They are merely tools that allow people to use certain contents or services, but they don't host them and therefore aren't responsible for them.
To me, this isn't a matter of free speech or some free software principles. As a user, I simply don't want developers to force their personal/political opinions onto me in that way. And here is why:

Imagine if more software implemented various kinds of blocks against things the developer doesn't want to support. I'm sure many of you now may think "Cool, so they block things for bad people. How is this a problem?"

The problem is that your view of what "bad people" are or how they should be handled by the software doesn't necessarily have to agree with the developers' views.

A good example for this is the file browser screenshot: Among other files, the message lists a Torrent for an Arch Linux image as blocked. Most likely, the imaginary developer thinks that Torrents are used too often to distribute illegal things, so making them harder to use is more beneficial than not doing it. Would you agree with this?

In the long run, this problem may become worse. What if the political climate in our society shifted and over time, some of the opinions you or people you like/follow/... hold were considered harmful by many software developers? What if you were confronted with messages like the ones in the screenshots all the time because of that?

Many people don't expect that measures taken against "bad people" could ever affect them negatively. After all, they are good people.
This is actually very similar to discussions about privacy invasions, where there are people who "have nothing to hide" and therefore don't care about such problems.

That's the situation I was trying to convey with these screenshots in the same way Black Mirror shows how current technological trends could lead to negative impacts on our society.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-19 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-01 2…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-02 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-02 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-17 2…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-19 1…

I'm really loving the "single column" Mastodon layout. If you haven't tried it out head to Preferences > Appearance and uncheck the 'enable advanced web interface'. :mastodon: ❤️

I've been using Pinafore for Mastodon for a long while now, but I've gotta say, I'm really liking the new default Mastodon interface.

I can understand the appeal of the original, multi-column view---which is still available to use---but this looks a lot better to me.

In the Nintendo Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, the text that appears when Link obtains the Yoshi Doll (right) is different from the text in the original Game Boy version (left) and references how much time has passed between the versions.

OK, here's 10,882 open clip art images lovingly scraped from the recesses of to tide people over while is down.

Mirror this content. Redistribute. Spread this around. Do not repeat the mistake of having a single repository for this stuff.


We have a winner! Plasma 5.16's next wallpaper will be Ice Cold by Santiago Cézar.

Santiago will be receiving a @slimbook One compact computer as soon as we get Plasma 5.16 on it.

What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

Stop Hating on Linux Mint! (Joe Collins' answer to the TechRepublic article):

@machetebadger @angristan (I said that because I get the feeling that some people are afraid that new users affected by security issues would blame Linux in general, and they thus get all defensive and demonize LM as a result). At any rate, I wouldn't like for Linux Mint to disappear - if it did, I'm now experienced enough to be able to switch to another distro: Ubuntu Mate, or Kubuntu, or even Debian Stable, but the beginners won't have something that just works. Thanks for reading.

@machetebadger @angristan Also, maybe I was just lucky, but for me LM has generally just worked, while last time I tried e.g. Ub Mate, it showed me an error message like "Report this to Ubuntu?" -which brought me flashbacks from Windows- just because I switched the desktop layouts a little too often, because I wanted to try all the different layouts. As for security, I think some concerns are overblown, but also if anything happens to me security-wise I'll only have myself to blame. (cont.)

@machetebadger @angristan I know I can install a DE on top of a distro with another DE, but I'd first have to be careful to install all of the packages that comprise said DE, and things can still go wrong that way. E.g. when I first wanted to try MATE, I installed it on top of LM Cinammon. Maybe I missed some packages (see above) but this didn't work at all for me - thankfully, I had used a VM. Spins with DEs thus make easy to try DEs without having to figure out which packages are needed (cont)

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