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@machetebadger @angristan Personally, I disagree. I use Mint because it doesn't set all updates for installation by default, while Ubuntu et al. only allow to disable kernel updates. Fact is many things are too risky to update + break stuff. Also LM guarantees a long support period. Mainline Ub has long support too, but the same can't be said for the DE derivatives. Meanwhile I can still use LM 18.3 (based on U 16.04) until 2021. And I use MATE, so LM isn't equivalent to Cinammon for everyone.

On dropping anime or watching anime after it has aired rather than while it's airing:

A group of pissed off, heavily armed history professors travel the world and wreak havoc on historically inaccurate monuments and public attractions in their spare time.
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L'Église orthodoxe, ou Église des sept conciles, ou encore Communion orthodoxe, est la troisième plus grande confession du christianisme, après l'Église catholique et l'ensemble des confessions protestantes. Elle se fonde sur les sept premiers conciles œcuméniques chrétiens et sur les dogmes qu'ils ont édictés. On estime à près de 285 millions le nombre d'orthodoxes dans le monde

@eal @angristan If they did base their work on an existing project instead of rewriting stuff from scratch (not-invented-here syndrome) Fluent terminal ( most probably, as that one has the pseudo-transparency effect that appears in the screenshots in both the Verge article and the original Microsoft blogpost (, and it also uses UWP.

In your lifetime, stories of ordinary people being reborn or transported into fantastical worlds of magic and heroes were popular... not that you knew this, being a dog. Then you got hit by a Truck, and now you're a Dragon that just wishes belly rubs were as easy to get as they used to be.
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As the last remainder of your people/culture, you make it a mission their legacy never die.
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je me suis acheté ce numéro rien que pour le sujet..
Allez, je bouquine tranquillement au soleil.

Les parents du petit Paul et de la petite Jeanne sont priés de venir les chercher chez M. Taurinya à #Perpignan.
[in « Le Républicain des #PyrénéesOrientales » du 6 octobre 1881, DP]
#HierEnRoussillon #faitdivers

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