i wonder why facebook and google track peoples porn visits. facebook does not allow porn on it's website.
so what is facebook and google doing with our porn visits?
and why are they still alive?
i have no use for facebook and google.

the only difference between the usa army and the Chinese army is that when one of them invades a nation and babykills it's inhabitants, it does not say the other one is bad for doing so.

whatever Cortez and Omar are selling it smells far better than what trump is

it is kind of funny, but rt and Mr Putin are the only ones lately telling us what morals are.
and religion.
we used to have Jimmy Carter and JFK. but since them, all we get is blow jobs and torture.

no wonder the people no longer know their ass from a hole in the ground.

contrary to what the fake preachers say, sex is not only for procreation, but for recreation too.

if not then God would not have created the clitoris.
the clitoris serves no other useful function, than pleasure.
and if procreation was all that sex was for, then pleasure would not be part of it.

dried up old men or hags, can piss off.
have all the sex with your married partner you can.

some use the Bible to justify child marriage, or beating your wife or kids, , this is not what the Bible says or means.
what it means is that you should ask God who to marry.
whoever He says is the one.
beating your kids, is fine, if you are an ultra orthodox,jew. are you? if not then Jesus said fathers do not anger your children.
and beating your wife would not be ness if God told you who to marry. so blame yourself for not waiting to hear. or better yet, blame no one, and do your best to love

i saw God the father 3 times face to face. 50% of the Christians do not even believe that is possible.
yet every book in the Bible but maybe one say it was done and or can be done.
God is there.
those who tell you otherwise have been fooled.

there is no person ever or any demon or devil or satan, who can prove that doing what God asked us to do is not good.

those who try to mock God's words to us, will choke on their words...if they are fortunate.

for 6000 years no one has ever been able to successfully mock God or his suggestions to us.
some called them Commandments.

the problem with the entire pc crowd is that they say their way is the way, and rely on rights given to them, by those that they currently say should not have rights.
while it is true that rights are given by God at birth to all, it was the WHITE MEN founding fathers who enforced all rights by killing as many british as was needed and also dying in the process.
a lot of pc do not even admit that, much less praise it.

i also jack my johnson, but i don't🤣 jack others

likes his own post. hey! i wipe my own asshole! but i won;t wipe others 😉

the part about usa papers and websites saying the rooskies are bad and the Chinese are bad and stuff, is that the usa sucks even worse in it;s treatment of the so called marginalized (who are really the poor) and the papers and web sites never really get into that.
so i have to conclude that the usa papers and tv stations and websites are all just butt wipers of the usa government.
and while i know we all need a job, wiping other peoples assholes is sort of a #5 for me. ( see Monty Python)

maybe it is all a Japanese thing. like some Asian stuff. or maybe it was because they all figured let us not have a real end to it, as we can make another series.
but what i really figure is like The Prisoner.
it is just impossible to make an end to perfection.

. even though the plot was better than most and did have a real end to it. even if it was not a complete end.
which is what leads me to believe that battle of the planets and robotech continued it all on.
and similarly, no one ever got married and no end ever came about it robotech....

pops and mom racer were still just pops and mom racer.
the only thing that really changed was that Speed was finally crowned the greatest racer ever.
so i'm all the way over here, thinking something was wrong with the plot...

so there i was, in 1967, watching tv, wpix out of new york city, in burlignton vermont, on the boys club TV, and Speed Racer was on.
it never really ended, exactly, oh yes, spoiler alert, racer x did join some spy organization and give up racing sort of, and Speed finally found out what happened to his older brother, but Speed never married Trixie, and his other brother never got much of anything....

cortez is kicking trumps ass all over the world.
kind of interesting when you remember that cortez is the most known conquistador.
sort of has some kind of karma or spiritual justice there 😇

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