yeah i said a jew pig. i even mentioned this to my good jewish friend and he kenw that it was all wrong

unless there is a wide conspriacasy, as there is

nor do i get why a jew pig gets to kill 3 peopl ein 3 years in buirlington when a female leader kills none in 20 years

murdder has no statutue of limitations, i just do not get why a nun gets to kill a baby, cannot get that at all

but i cannot undertand someone tossing a baby out a windown

no amount of avenues or whatever can put all tha back togther again and yet the pigs have found no suspects. almost as if a nice cahtpooilc caonspiraisy was going on

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i now work half a milke form the place where babies were tossed out of windows to thier death...

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a lot of kids who played there having no where es to go,...


i hope it was all imgination but God knows what hapened

i cannot remember now if it was rel or imgination, it was that bad, but there were other reports from other people so they can tell the story

i was jsut palying a gme and did not know it was to happen

i was hiding behind a dune of earth and one of the nuns tossed the kid out a widow high up and the kids hit the ground and died

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