@lurak @un_foxi_boi I wonder if this is for real.. if it's for real, someone should send over an ambulance.. 😱

@lurak I don’t know if you’ll actually see this or not, but imma be real with you. You’re being a selfish asswhole with this crap. You think you’re so damn lonely yet you have really close online friends like me who have dug tooth and nail to be by your side. And yet, you’re willing to throw us away just because you’re so “lonely”. If that’s the case, then apparently you don’t glare about us as much as you let on. Which is bullshit.

@lurak Stop botching and moaning about what you don’t have, and appreciate the things you do have and maybe your life wouldn’t be so miserable.

@un_foxi_boi being alive hurts so much,--- i know you are there but i cant feel your presence

@lurak Bro I don’t get it. Why do you NEED physical confirmation to feel satisfied? Why can’t you just find comfort in knowing that there are people in this world who care about you regardless of location?

i want someone to snuggle irl...
i dont know why.... i just need it

@lurak But you don’t NEED it. It’s something you want. And when you crave yourself on things you want, well you see the results. You can’t keep poisoning yourself like this.

@lurak There are people here who actually care about you. Who want to see you get better. Just like any REAL friend would. Yet, you rather use every fiber of your being to wish for some Prince Charming to bust in and have all the answers which is silly tbh. And like I said before, if you want something to change, then you have to set out and do it. Sitting there, moping, and even attempting suicide isn’t going to give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. Straight up.

@lurak I love ya bro. And I’m really glad you’re still here.

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