is Matrix/Riot the only decentralized chat next to SIP and XMPP?

@lain @lurak technically speaking, IRC is decentralised. It's just nobody is bothering to maintain custom servers and link to another on a larger scale

@lurak @lain Ring is a good modern example of why most gnu projects have hardly any users.

@animeirl @lain @lurak redpill me on it? I never bothered looking it up after managing to make retroshare work.
@animeirl @lurak @lain Tox is a good example too. Over five years later and the core functionality works but is unfinished.
@moonman @animeirl @lain @lurak I watched the whole thing; Sean took the money and irungentoo couldn't deliver. The original foundation and infrastructure went with it so a new one was made with what was left. TokTok are in charge of the core project.
@dielan @moonman @animeirl @lain @lurak So did I. I still use it since development is somewhat active.

@lain @lurak wire has plans to add federation eventually but that's a long way off

@animeirl @lurak to be 100000% honest i think wire are just trying to lure people into their platform by promising things they'll never deliver.

@lain maybe but what they're delivered so far already works better than most of the competition.

@lain @animeirl

Wire delivered everything they promised...
i know the cto and ceo

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