For people wanting to help updating/unblocking/adding apps, have a look at our issue tracker: and request for packaging tracker:

You'll find docs here: and drop by on #fdroid on freenode if you need help.

@faissaloo @Maltimore
We are a few more working on the client, website and moderating the forum/issue tracker. But basically 3 people maintaining fdroiddata right now, yes.

I have a new account!!!

Unfollow this one and follow @lue

i tried fedora...

i stay with Debian still, no distro hop

wie gern wäre ich jetzt im bann des rausches gefangen, völlig abseits dieser trist traurigen alltagswelt, aber ich weiß dass es verkehrt wäre

diese Instanz habe ich ja noch nie gesehen :)

This is really cool. What are some good accounts to follow?

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