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I should probably do a proper masto #introduction

I'm Vicky. I'm a librarian focusing on research reproducibility + research data management.
I gave an interview about me/my work recently:

I love FOSS, open access, open educational resources, open EVERYTHING

I hate the corporate capture of scholarship

I co-founded an open source, open access repo for LIS scholarship:

I also love my super cute black cat Little Boss & my partner @remram44

I really feel like shit...

my desire to die grows more

Einarx - Deadbeat control (Trick NO Treat EP [Halloween SP])


#Pinafore v0.1.4 is out:

- hit Ctrl-Enter / Cmd-Enter to post a toot
- new Cobalt dark theme
- bugfixes

Thanks very much @SpankyWorks @codl @chris !

After my mastodon account got lost in a server upgrade at now I am again here from another server.
Hopefully I have some trust with @milan that he won't loose users in a server upgrade.

#newhere again.
#Namaste everyone

Hi all! I was going to join GNU Social initally, seems like a nicer place, with less right-wing weirdos selling me monopoly money. :P

I'm known as Asriel, yes, THAT Asriel. :P

I talk about all kinds of things, and I am friendly (I do hope), but pretty terrible as starting conversations. So..

#introduction #introductions

KEVIN: Whatchu doing?
ME: Writing.
K: Writing on your laptop?
M: Yeah.
K: The one I'm walking on?
M: Yeah.
K: Writing w/ your hands?
M: Yeah.
K: The ones I'm headbutting?
M:... yeah.
K: Have you considered PETTING A CAT INSTEAD?
M: (sighs, pets cat)
K: <purr>

Hey #decentralization oriented people, there is a #DAT add-on for #Firefox 🔥 :firefox: that enables you to check content powered by @dat_project on your favorite independent browser, check out:

#WebExtension #p2p

Shitload of exams incoming and I'm still browsing shitposts here

There are much more nazis on Diaspora tbh

The Fediverse became much more toxic than League of Legends or Overwatch communities ever since Mastodon started pushing itself aggressively on Twitter and other social media platforms.
We even have the equivalent of "swatting" thanks to Mastodon users literally threatening other users' lives.

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