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Oslo Pride parade is a big thing. An estimated 50,000 people took part in the parade and 275,000 spectators.

What a special day. 🥰 🏳️‍🌈 🌈 🇳🇴

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Do you like more than @Basketballdude 🏀 ???

Hey guys. Just thinking about basketball. Have a good day!

Now I own my own instance I don't know where to toot. :toot:

I love drinking Powerade Mountain Blast because its flavoured blue and I always wondered what blue tastes like.

I thought I knew how Mastodon worked, but then I got my own instance.

There is a market audience of one for this product. And that is me.

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I want a pocket "radio" which is like a small MP3 player size that does DAB radio, but also accepts a sim card and does internet radio over WiFi and data and looks like a radio.

Tonight I texted the person I was texting about...

Some woman in a bar suggested we exchange numbers and so I did and I was not interested in the slightest. I did it to get rid of her.

Then, I wrote a message to my friend telling of said woman and my lack of interest - AND THEN I TEXTED IT TO HER INSTEAD OF MY FRIEND.

What a nightmare. I felt like a terrible person, but it was also very funny.

We are getting asked about "verified accounts" quite often recently, so lets try to clear this up: There are no verified accounts on Mastodon like there are on Twitter. Some Mastodon instances have a custom emoji that looks like the verified icon on Twitter and people put that in their display name, probably because it looks fancy. It does not mean anything though.

Matchmaking has always sucked on Pro Evo Soccer and PES2020 is no exception. I refuse to believe I'm the only person in the entire world trying to play online right now. 🤔

Do you donate any money to your instance admin?

Also PES related; I get the impression that a gamer online is young when they do really long and tedious goal celebrations but want to skip any replays.

For me, I skip the celebrations and want to watch the cinematic replay.

⚽ 🎮

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