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Thought you should all know that I'm a brand now. πŸ˜—

Most Weezer I am like "Yes!" but some Weezer I am like "Why?!"

New emoji:

:czechbox: (czechbox)
:czechbox_czeched: (czechbox_czeched)

All she sent me was a meme - a set of pixels on a screen.

Should have a time limit for toots? I like the idea that all my shit posts self-destruct after a month...

The promotional videos that make are super bad and very cringe, but the product is interesting.

Because my posture is terrible, I ordered one of those gadgets to attach to me so I can practice sitting properly and also being part cyborg.

πŸ›Έ Repeating radio bursts from outside our galaxy have been detected for the second time

#SexEducation on #Netflix is really nice. One little thing tough: I would love to know the decision process that ended up with 80s design and hardware (cars, tv, furniture, clothing..) BUT modern phones and references to people and bands.

also apparently my niche on this weirdass site is just screaming into the void

I suck at . I always get to the final 10 people and go all kamikaze mode. NEVER SURRENDER!! *charges*


I wondered if there were any themed instances.

If there aren't, there's a market - especially with these domains available:

So many good .tlds these days.


@lychee I mean, that IS how I introduce things to my partner πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

More things should be introduced by shouting the word "BAM!" πŸ“’

I'm in work and click Federated Timeline and BAM! - COCK IN YOUR FACE πŸ”ž

Today's true story...

Boss: Here is your work for the next 4 months.

Me: This is boring. I am bored already.

Colleague: I agree.

Boss: 😞

Whilst is great, I'm really into seeing a federated version being made.

You can help by giving $1 a month to on .


Message the creator on Patreon to get early access!


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