Had some people tell me that the mark as sensitive button in the compose toolbar is not obvious enough and would be better as "R18" than the crossed out eye icon.

Wanna get a feel for what others think about it.

It used to say "NSFW" originally but that's a suboptimal term for sex workers and also people who may not want to view certain stuff even regardless of not being at a workplace


Maybe if we tied the CW button to the mark as sensitive function? Even if you don't enter CW text it would still hide the media? I actually don't remember if that's how it already works, but I do know we have two buttons when media is attached... CW is at least as a reasonably universal abbreviation

Don't get me wrong, the eye icon works once you know what it does, it's just not very intuitive iconography. It conveys visibility, perhaps, but not visibility of what exactly.

I'm thinking more and more we just don't need two separate buttons, that would solve the problem


@Gargron How about moving the "Hide Images" button out of of the grey strip?

@lychee @Gargron oooh, that makes more sense than the button appearing/disappearing in the existing “toolbar” actually

@lychee @gargron hey, this is a really good design! i like it a lot, it makes a ton of sense

@lychee @gargron my only suggestion would be tweaking the copy: "Hide sensitive images" makes it sound like the "sensitive images" are something that already exists or that the software is determining. What about "Mark images as sensitive" or just "Hide images"?

@nightpool @Gargron Agreed. With an introduction of text string, translations will also need to be carefully considered too.

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