I want a pocket "radio" which is like a small MP3 player size that does DAB radio, but also accepts a sim card and does internet radio over WiFi and data and looks like a radio.

Tonight I texted the person I was texting about...

Some woman in a bar suggested we exchange numbers and so I did and I was not interested in the slightest. I did it to get rid of her.

Then, I wrote a message to my friend telling of said woman and my lack of interest - AND THEN I TEXTED IT TO HER INSTEAD OF MY FRIEND.

What a nightmare. I felt like a terrible person, but it was also very funny.

I love playing Pro Evolution Soccer 🎮 with crap teams. I end up finding 5 crap teams and use them over and over against top flight teams and its really fun.

I got stressed out and switched back to my Punkt. MP01 phone. Wonder how long this will last...

Went to see the Gilbert and George exhibition. Many visually striking pieces, but all look like a first year art student project. Not my thing.


Why does running a on my phone drain my battery so much more?! Makes no sense to me. Please explain.

Trying to make sure that if I buy from that I'm buying local (no international shipping).

THIS DOG would really appreciate it if you clicked the link below and answered a few questions.

Answers are anonymous and it's just a little research for a work project.


The daily weekday routine of:

- Dress like its a Saturday night out
- Realise its not suitable for work
- Dress down
- Realise its still not suitable for work
- Dress down again
- Go to work

I managed to confuse the internet with "Bill Nighy Science Guy". (actor: love actually, pirates of the caribbean) vs (science guy). Now thats what I call .

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