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Despite me praising app earlier for their settings screen, allowing you to opt-out of trackers -- it seems they still try to send or fetch data to/from Ads and a few other advertising third-parties. :blobsad:

A long time ago I asked The Guardian app makers if they could disable all ad code and trackers for subscribers. They now have a screen in their app to turn trackers off. More apps should do this.

To cut the deficit they’ll cut our throats,
To balance the budgets they will break our bones,
For their own benefit they’ll crush our hope,
Why don’t they just gas the polling chambers as we line up to vote.

'You Us and They' by Cassels

🔗 Links 🔗 of 🔗 the 🔗 Week 🔗

I added a new blog post to the old blog. My links of the week.


The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Tooting


Tooting Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

#brexit 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 

Taking a is still asking the public to answer a question around a document that they haven't read.

If you think I'm going to read 129 pages of legalese to make an informed decision on a withdrawal agreement then you'd be wrong. I'm more of a visual person.

And that was the issue with the initial vote; the public don't really understand the magnitude of the decision they are making.

@lychee Websites that need autoplaying video:

- Video hosting sites

Websites that definitely do not need autoplaying video:

- News websites

I feel a trend

Up to track 6 of Weezer's and let's just say... it's not going to make the cut for my Top 5 albums. I'm just being honest.

Finally got round to listening to from .


I will reserve judgement until I've listened to more than two tracks.

Websites that I don't mind asking to send me notifications:

- Messaging apps
- Social networks

Websites that definitely do not need to send me notifications:

- News websites
- Every other website

Sites that most commonly ask for notifications:

- News websites

😠 💢

Of course, "cooler" is relatively subjective. I just meant... slicker, in my eyes and experience.

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I wish I knew how to code enough to take and make it cooler.

I will toot the same thing in a few years but replace the word "cats" with "kids",

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I love my cats but they are being pretty annoying right now.

@archtoasty I are list format:

💬 Adam Buxton podcast

💻 Chips with Everything

🏙️ The Urbanist

☮️ On Being

⚛️ Stuff you should know

All the above publish regularly. If you want some series-based ones, then there's:

🚀 The Habitat

🇷🇺 Edgelands

🗡️ Serial

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