Home page of the internal website at work has a LGBT flag on top of it and "Celebrating our transgender employees'. Also, they are converting half the bathrooms into unisex bathrooms. They are already 2 that are finished. It's nice. :)

It's so crazy, everywhere should be like here. We learn in high school about how our school system and access to education was THE turning point that brought our province to prosperity.

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I live at the frontier of two provinces, and as I make friends with people living on the other side...It's so crazy the steep difference in schooling cost! They were talking about paying back student debt. They couldn't believe we had none! It cost us 130$ a semester for college, they paid 4500$ a semester for university. WE LIVE 15 MINUTES AWAY! (And no, people from the other province can't have our cheap prices. :blob_cry: )

You know when you walk on you and it hurts, but you pretend really hard it doesn't so he lays on top of you and give you little kisses? It's worth it.

It's getting warm out! I will be able to make my vegetable garden soon! 🌱 🌱 🌱

Spent the afternoon outside in the sun chatting with a friend, it was really nice. ☀️ 🌼 ☀️


I feel so happy and lucky ❤️

School is almost over! One week until summer! :D

I'm mostly excited for my friends to finish, I've finished all my projects a long time ago and now I have to RESTRAIN myself to send them messages, since, you know, they have to work!!

I'm excited to start going out again and working full time for a few months. :)

Also, my boss is a really nice man. He is really passionate and loves to see us grow and learn. He spend so much time teaching us stuff and making sure we feel at ease at work. He's always bragging about his employees to anyone around. It's so sweet. Also, he memorized all our work schedule and kick us out a little bit before like "IT'S ALMOST 3! YOU ARE YOUNG! Go live your life!"

I really like the new career I'm starting has a Business Analyst. I just love helping people identify their needs and proposing a mock-up that respond to them. I enjoy thinking about "how can I help the user have a good experience using the app?". It's very nice.

I'm here to meet new people to chat! So don't hesitate to send me messages!

When my husband brought me that laptop with rubber sides to protect against falls, I found it weird, but after the 50th time I dropped it, I'm thankful that that man knows me.

My cat tries to recreate that lady and the tramp scene with the spaghetti every time I eat food.


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